Aug 09

Launch Day

rocket_2Hello and thank you for showing up. This blog is something that’s been on my to-do list for eons and I can procrastinate no longer. If you don’t know me already, a quick introduction: I’m Ken Segall, technology and advertising enthusiast. For over 20 years, I’ve been involved in advertising, product naming and strategy for some of your most loved (and maybe most loathed) companies — including Apple, IBM, Dell and Intel. (I get into a lot more detail at my website, if you’re interested). I must say, I am continually amazed how often history repeats itself — and how often history is ignored. Some of my journeys in advertising have been exhilarating beyond expectation, others were so horrifying you may have to cover your ears. I’ve spent my professional life working across the table from people as brilliant as Steve Jobs and as deluded as… well, I’ll fill in those blanks a little later.

When I hire creative people, my first priority has always been to find out if a person even likes technology. I mean, if the conversation goes that way at a party, do you excuse yourself to get another drink or do you actually get a charge out of talking about it? Just think of this blog as a party where your host keeps babbling about technology and marketing. You can always excuse yourself to visit a blog that serves better refreshments – but I hope you’ll stay and offer up your own opinions.

I’m eager to talk about the successes and failures not only in the marketing of technology, but in the technology itself. These days, we’re all responsible for what the technology companies are creating. We vote every day with our wallets and words. No topic is off limits, and I do hope we can stir up a little trouble here. Stay tuned…

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  • Ken – the blog looks great! (Reads nicely, too.) I look forward to closely following your innermost thoughts.

    – Another satisfied subscriber,

  • Christian Barnett

    Hi Ken
    How are you? Great to see your blog. I am already looking forward to visiting, and perhaps even contributing from time to time. I shall also create a link to the blog on my rambling, non-specific bloggy thing. Btw for your website did you create from scratch or use a template? Likewise for this blog.
    here is intro page for my bloggy thing http://christianbarnett.blogspot.com/

  • ivan horvath

    Hi, Blog
    How are you?
    Great to see your Ken.

  • ken segall

    Always great to see you Christian. And usually great to see you Ivan. I expect both of you guys to make some feisty comments here in the future. Don’t disappoint me!

  • Lou Fink

    My Dear Ken,

    I would have read your blog-ed-ness and provided a real honest to goodness comment…………….. but it was too long. So much for succinct copy.

    In all seriousness, I didn’t read it all, but will. As Ken’s oldest and occasionally closest friend, I’m sure ” the best out there ” will find him. He deserves it.

    Blog on Ken……………blog on [ mail my cut to the usual P O Box ]

  • Myles Dotto

    Hey Ken,

    Nice site. I just got back from the shore and I was avoiding all emails so I’m way behind. But it’s a nice looking blog. Let me know how things go w/ Jack Feltz and crew. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it but I would not have much to contribute either. Good Luck!


  • John Naitove

    Hi Ken—

    Nice Blog! Jony couldn’t have designed it better.

    Next time I see you be sure to ask me about my son’s experience with Jony and a German pal at the Clift on the eve of Macworld.

    BTW. I love tech! Happy to interview with you any time.


  • WOW! So this is what a blog looks like. Yours is the first blog I have actually read. I’m not sure what that makes me–bloggless I guess, or bloggless no more.

    Perhaps you could expand what you brand. For example, how about renaming and branding me. I could be your new turnaround project.

  • Congrats Ken on your foray into blogging. You probably don’t remember me but we worked together a long time ago for a short minute on IBM. I’ve worked with a lot of writers in my lifetime but I have to rank you as one of the best I’ve met. No other writer I’ve worked with was happy to sit down an edit their work in layout just to get the rag to look better because you cared about what it looked like also. And the copy was just as good after. A true team player.

    I love the articles you’ve written so far which just proves you know how to write good copy.

  • ken segall

    Welcome Brian. I remember your name, so I hope I get partial credit. I’m just thankful you’re not one of the many who swore an oath of vengeance against me for crimes against art direction. Actually, I’ve had the good fortune to get paired with some super-talented art directors starting with my first job, and my partners drilled into me the importance of making ads look perfect. As we all know now that we’re older and wiser, a zillion little things add up to keep people engaged longer. It’s a shame to let some lowly hyphen or bad widow drag things down. Anyway, I’m glad to re-connect with you and hope you’ll get involved with the topics to come. See ya.

  • Martin Olivero

    Nice blog Ken! Very Clean. Crisp. looking forward to more. When are you gonna write about family videos? :-)


  • ken segall

    Hello Marty, hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by. I hope that when the conversation turns to Intel, you can step in to set the record straight :)

  • Hi Ken,

    Nice ….
    A blog nice to read … and nice to look at.


  • well done my boy.
    i think you may have found your true calling.
    can’t say i love the new Intel campaign as much as you do but that’s what these blogs are for.
    so self aggrandizing
    call me old fashioned but i still like campaigns that mark some territory and beautifully articulate their qualifications aka ibm smarterplanet.
    i do agree about the bong though.

    the Acer is hilarious. you couldn’t make that up.

    and you deserve to be put back on Apple’s payroll for the insight about the iphone naming stumble.
    stay at it Ken, this is good.

  • Ken— The old adage is probably true: that you’ve forgotten more about tech advertising than the rest of us ever knew.

    Then again, you probably haven’t forgotten any of it. You’ve been bookmarked. Blog on!