Aug 09

Shield your eyes!

On the up side, it will probably survive the coming war

Sorry, did you say this was from Acer? Or Amana?

I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe you have the right to love the things you love. Even if the computer you love is suspiciously reminiscent of your granddad’s old Pontiac. Here we have the new Acer Aspire G Predator. (You naming enthusiasts will want to refer to it by its proper moniker: Model ASG7710-A41.) Caption contest, anyone?

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking. Ken, you elitist pig. How dare you inflict your so-called design aesthetic upon the rest of us. Good point, good point. I’m just bad that way. I realize full well that I’m not the target 17-year-old gamer. But I’m sorry, some of these things just give me a really good chuckle. Hats off to Acer: a company that strives to deliver a ton of great design — literally — in every computer they make.

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  • Lou Fink

    Caption contest: Ugly is only skin deep…………thank goodness

  • Brent Kubesh

    If I bought two, I think I could make some nice ski boots out of the cases.

  • Is that a Michael Bay leftover or the a prototype for to Transformers 3?

  • Staab

    I think when i was four our fridge was the same color. Where do you put the popsicles?

  • Congrats to Acer for having brought SUV design to the PC world ;-)