Oct 09

Shootout at the smartphone corral

Lore has it that when you’re the top gunfighter, there’s always some young buck dreaming of taking you out. So it is that Verizon lurks around the next corner for iPhone, armed with its Android-powered device. While no blood has yet been spilled, Verizon is out there baiting Apple with a teaser. Who knows how #1 will fight back, but for now one of the townsfolk has stepped in to defend Apple’s honor. It’s a fun little exchange.

Here’s the Verizon teaser:

Here’s the Apple fanboy comeback:

One creative note: I have to hand it to the Apple guy for the way he uses self-deprecating humor at the close. Most advertisers are so busy attacking competitors or bellowing their own advantages that they rarely employ this tone. It’s a far more human way to go, as you can see just by watching these two spots side by side.

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  • And the Apple fan boy knows how to set type. Verizon AD doesn’t.

    ? iDon foot t?

  • there was much hype surrounding the G1 from T-Mobile, then the Pre from Palm, now the Droid from Verizon… everyone wants to take a crack at the title, currently held by Apple for most lusted after Smart Phone…

    Apples iPhone sales record is quite astounding, the real kicker is the ease of integration that they are really great at… you have the phone for 2 days and you feel as if you’ve had it for years… i’ve had Blackberries, Tre’s, what-have-you other phones that came with manuals that, if thrown with enough force, could stun an ox…

    that’s the real challenge for all the catch-up artists: make it intuitive, right out of the box, make it as clean in form and function… then you might have something.

  • When you fight the Heavyweight Champion, you have to knock him out to take his title.

    Don’t see the Droid having that kind of hook or uppercut. It might score a point or two, but look for the Champ to easily retain the belt.