Nov 09

But I only have five fingers…

Is there something beyond carpal tunnel syndrome?

Is there something beyond carpal tunnel syndrome?

When a new product displays such shameless ambition, it’s difficult not to admire it. As soon as you peel yourself off the floor and lose the giggles, that is.

Meet the OOMouse. Born of a company called WarMouse, you should probably be real careful where you aim this thing. For those who find its 18 programmable buttons a bit confining, it even sports a joystick built into the side. But you’re only human. No doubt you’re already dreaming of the wild macros you might create. Not to worry — the OOMouse actually has its own built-in memory to store them.

Wipe that smile off your face. You know you want one. Just imagine the looks you’ll get from your workmates when you park one of these babies next to your HP Pavillion dv5-1221tx.

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  • i’m holding out for the one with the flame paint job and headers… and a Hemi, please…

  • Emrah

    oh god! they could put a small keyboard if they had tried a little more

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