Dec 09

Extinct species discovered alive!

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Make this a Christmas to remember

Millions of years after humans learned to walk upright, desktop computers did the same. PCs in the “pancake” shape, with monstrous CRT displays perched atop, disappeared. They were replaced by towers, mini-computers or all-in-ones. Or so we thought.

I just received a Buy.com email offering up this HP DC5100 SFF (automatic entry into our “best name” category), and of course my jaw dropped. How cool would this thing look next to my rotary phone and Rolodex?

Naturally, this offer piqued my interest. Could any of the major PC companies really be in the antique business? Turns out, the answer is no. Not even HP, whose fingerprints are at this crime scene, engages in such behavior anymore. Buy.com’s dinosaur is actually a refurbished dinosaur, appropriately configured with a full gigabyte of memory and a 40GB hard drive. It can be had for a mere $149.

So I’m disappointed. But there still might be a PC Hunters commercial hiding in here somewhere…

Addendum 12.4.09 5:38pm: Looks like HP is still has an appetite for pancakes. See comments on this one.

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  • Jorge Carvalho
  • ken segall

    I stand corrected! This is a gold mine too. I now see that HP is still at it, with no less than five different models of this type. Interestingly, they are tucked away under the heading, “Advanced Desktop PCs.” (I wasn’t aware of this particular advance.) So you’re supposed to put a nice flatscreen display on top of one of these things? I see no visuals other than the computers themselves.

  • Jorge Carvalho

    @Ken , yeap u put a LCD on top, witch has a nice feature of going up and down so u can adjust its height , go figure :) .

  • Jorge Carvalho

    Ps : I do know i am gonna go for a big “Off-Topic” but i just read this and i couldn’t believe in my eyes … :


    Gartner (who else) believes Apple should quiting making hardware and hand it to Dell … *Sigh*

  • ken segall

    @Jorge again:
    I love that kind of stuff. How supposedly smart people can say such moronic things is simply unfathomable.

  • “So you’re supposed to put a nice flatscreen display on top of one of these things?”

    not really, unless you spend more on the connectors and cable adapters than the thing cost… plus it only works if you can find the 5″ floppy boot disks anyway…
    what version was that DOS 3.8? i have some and they’re stopping the cabernet bottles from rolling around…