Dec 09

Intel employees nearly go splat

Hey, give Intel credit for being innovative. I don’t recall Apple ever firing their employees out of cannons just to deliver another brand impression. Though I did once see Phil Schiller leap 20 feet into a pile of pillows while demoing Apple’s first wireless laptop.

This is the bold, hell-with-the-lawyers kind of action I like to see from a technology company.

(And no, I don’t think it’s real!)

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  • Haha… wow. Speaking of “firing” employees, have you seen this video?

  • truly silly and badly conceived with junior grade FX… makes me sad i have to give them money via my purchases through apple…

  • Liebman

    Marino, do you think this is faked?

  • the idea that anyone would send people out of a cannon, no matter how well aimed, to collide with metal pipes headfirst to impact in a precise musical sequence over several dozen yards?

    it would take months to figure out the projection force for each participant to get them at the metal pipe at exactly the right time in order as they all weigh different.

    aerodynamics, weight-to-charge ratios, force-to-distance calculations all notwithstanding, the first few attempts to aim them at something would have ended with misses, short-falls, and over-shoots.

    Stephen Colbert tripped off a stage ledge and broke his wrist on his show, these guys standing up and cheering after colliding with a very large metal pipe at what appears to around 25 mph?

    all rational science aside, NO legal department in the world would allow any such act on company property. the guy with the neck brace? his great-great-great-great grand children would never have to work a day from the settlement. and i’m not sure you’d want someone that would volunteer for something like that working for your company in any sensitive capacity.

  • Liebman

    Well put, Marino. I had the same feeling. The effects are pretty good, you have to admit.

  • thanks… i have my lucid moments…