Dec 09

Yahoo who?

yahoo_shipVultures on standby. A new report shows that Yahoo, once the darling of Internet search, has hit a record-low market share of 17.5%. Google, of course, keeps piling it on.

But wait, you say. Help is on its way. The new Microsoft/Yahoo partnership will activate in 2010. True, but this hole is getting deeper with every passing week. The purpose of the new deal was to boost the companies’ combined market share to over 30% from their current 28%. These new numbers are going down, not up.

The only bit of bright news is for Microsoft, not Yahoo. Bing’s market share is now up over 10%, picking up some of Yahoo’s losses. Yahoo’s swan dive into the darkness continued with a 10th consecutive month of losing market share.

It’s hard not to get a nervous feeling around Yahoo. Granted, I run with a dubious crowd — but I see about as much enthusiasm in this world for Yahoo as I do for Zune. It’s not likely that a new marketing campaign will turn things around (especially the one they’re running). These days, when we think of search and innovation, we simply think of Google. In the absence of any world-changing ideas, Yahoo feels like yesterday’s news.

It’s a bit early to file Yahoo away with WordPerfect, Earthlink, Compaq and those other technology stars that once burnt brightly. But, if you’re the type who gets emotional over such things… you might want to get a head start dealing with the trauma.

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  • they said it was too early write off Yahoo? 6 months ago… look how wrong you can be… if the new deal with MS doesn’t drive the last nails in the coffin, that new campaign will…

  • Mimi

    Yahoo’s outlook for 2010 is actually looking pretty bright. Their stock is up and since they’ve given up search to Google and decided to focus on content and selling Web Ads, they’re in a much better position. I still go there every day to read the news when I check my email, so they’re doing something right. I do agree “Ya-you” or whatever that Maddy Ave. campaign was all about won’t help anybody. In fact, it’s kinda funny that an internet portal reverts to old school media to plug their brand.