Jan 10

Seeing things that aren’t there

[Sorry, the commercials referenced in this post have disappeared from YouTube]

Let’s take a break from all this technology nonsense, shall we? This commercial from Canada is two years old. But I know of no spot that better makes the point: there’s always an idea hiding in there somewhere.

Every day, a thousand creative people turn to their partners and say, “let’s turn that idea on its head.” In this case, they only had to go 45 degrees. Suddenly Shreddies were cool, sales were going up and the creative team got to bask in a little glory. At least I hope they did.

What I love most about this campaign is that it took guts. The client actually had to get the company behind the idea of changing their packaging — in essence, to serve as the punchline for the joke. How many clients would be willing to stick out their necks like that?

Google around and you’ll find other bits of this campaign, like this one — which introduces the equally amusing combo pack.

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