• Jason Brandt

    I saw this too. I would love to think it’s part of a bigger plan but who knows. Dell has so much potential to be great but sometimes, being so big means you also need to also be bold, make a statement – scare people! Not sure if this goes far enough.

  • I know this is to do with the visual appearance but another example of how this company screws with it’s customers brains. Just go to dell.co.uk and you get redirected to http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/default.aspx?c=uk&l=en&~ck=geo

    It may seem geeky to care what a URL looks like but it’s a serious usability issue as well as being ugly, unmemorable, un-typeable and unspeakable :(

  • Notice the prominence of flash on all their sites? – perhaps not unless you have a flash blocker, but at least they’re consistent with their idiotic disregard for standards and accessibility.

  • I agree, Dell has always (in my eyes), been a leader with its technological accumen and quality of product.

    My ONLY concern with them was the fact that you had to go to the souce to get parts or supplies for their machines, which I hear has been changed so that you can now find some Dell product supplies like ink, at different computer stores such as Walmark Best Buy or such… I think.

    As for this design confusion, that is when a company is either about to change their logo for good, can’t decide if they like what they have and are “testing the public’s view” for comments just like we are doing here, (with the advent of the “instantaneousness of the web” {I’m a writer-I’m allowed to make up words. lol) to see its appeal.

    Personally, I like the old standby, the black circle with the silver words inside. Classy and definately one we ALL remember relate to as Dell.

    Probably one of those things I talk about on my show or blog on how people are always trying to improve on perfection, and that’s when things go wrong!

    Thanks for indulging me. Just my 2

    Bobby Fleeks

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    P.S. Robert, could you please send the url of my last comment, so I can update you on the conversation?


  • Stephen Sonnenfeld

    For some reason Dell believes that generic shapes and colors can serve as proprietary branding icons. And they seem to have a particular fixation with circles (Hmm…?).
    I’ve often thought that Dell should exploit their principle virtue, being generic, rather than run from it and try and create something completely unbelievable.
    Have fun with the fact that you’re a commodity, but try and be the coolest, most likeable commodity, like American Apparel. There’s certainly a big market out there for that.
    More than ever, what people look for in brands is authenticity. Dell desperately needs to lay down on the marketing analysis couch and do some real work figuring out who they are.

  • Dell Inside? <– What do ya think? Huh?

  • Shehan

    haha.. you seriously have a love hate thing going on with this company! :)