Mar 10

Brother, can you spare a tweet?

I have a horrible confession to make: I subscribe to the Zune enews. Hey, at least I’m honest. I could just have easily started this post with “I have a friend…”

Of course, I only subscribe out of professional/morbid curiosity. And yesterday I found quite a treat in my inbox. Zune is running a promo. Basically, it goes like this: if you tell the world how much you love Zune, you might win a free one.

This idea is a tribute to the obvious. We need more buzz, so let’s bribe people to give us some. “Those kids” with their dang social media will do the work for us. Unfortunately, those crafty Zune marketers overlooked a big part of the obvious: how silly and desperate they look doing this type of thing.

When I clicked the link, it got even better. In the event that you’re not quite brain-dead enough for this promo, they provide a “sample” tweet, in hopes that you’ll pile it on in a similar fashion.

@Zune I remember the first time I synced my music with my Zune wirelessly, and I haven’t used a sync cable since. #ilovezune

Of course, you’re free to be as original as you wish. The only requirement is that you include the “#ilovezune”tag  in your tweet. Apparently “@ilovehumiliatingmyself” was already in use.

Good lord, Microsoft.

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  • Oli

    I don’t understand that kind of contest.

    Why would I want to win a Zune if I already own one?!

    Even worse, if I don’t have one, and want to enter the contest to win one, how can I say I love the Zune if I’ve never used one?!

    This is really stupid!

  • t

    Is it such a horrible thing to do? I see this all the time, “write this and that on Twitter and you’ll get those and these”.

  • Scott

    I wonder if they’ll do the same for Windows 7…Tweet how Windows 7 changed your life and win a copy of Windows 7…

  • ken segall

    In my opinion, yeah this is a horrible thing to do. It’s horrible because the product they are chasing (iPod) would never stoop to this. If Zune is differentiating itself here, they are differentiating themselves downward. I might think Zune was cooler if I saw it in some unexpected places, or if it showed up where I see concerts, or if it was endorsed by my favorite band. That would feel authentic. I’m not moved in the least when I see people tweeting about their “favorite Zune memories.” I don’t think you can change people’s perceptions by saying “please change your perceptions,” which is pretty much what this promo is doing. You have to be at least a little artful about it.

  • it’s like the unpopular guy before the school prom saying “tell me how much you want a date with me and you might just get one!” pretty pointless.

    really, your personal recollections on the wonderment that is Zune getting Tweeted out to that microcosm … is that really the way MS is showing Zune has fans and they can change a few people’s notions on the iPod v Zune debate?

    seems to me those issues have already been settled, looking at the sales figures … have to agree with ken, there are better ways to get around this problem than a chat room …

  • Jimi

    You can sync your Zune wirelessly!!!? Thanks for tell me, I really have to get out and get one of these things.

    P.S: yes, this post was made in the hopes that you win this competition and Microsoft send you one. Or would that be like getting kryptonite sent to Superman’s place? Oh no, what have I done…

  • Taxi

    The lack of imagination shown by Microsoft in marketing the Zune is remarkable. The iPod has plenty of weak spots – it’s almost 10 years old for goodness’ sake! – but a quick visit to zune.com … ahh, gah!!!

    It’s just so wrong, I can’t even finish posting.