Mar 10

Vivaz arrives: beware, miscreants!

Sony-Ericsson is about to ship their newest entry into the smartphone market — a Symbian-based little fella.

Not sure about the phone yet, but clearly S-E senses a pending attack by the world’s copyright infringement community. That moniker is sporting as horsey a TM as I’ve ever seen in my life.

Hint to Sony: there’s no legal requirement that your TM be visible from across the room. And with a name like Vivaz … well, I think it’s safe to go on low-alert with this one.

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  • Hahaha…. hilarious!!!

  • you need to get a like button on your blog. LIKE!

  • Darn. Vivaz was on our shortlisted names for a health supplement, a small Korean hatchback, a gym, a new development in Spain, a calypso group, a chain of Mexican restaurants, and the second in command to the captain of a space ship in a new animated TV series for children. Funny, but naming phones earlier, it hadn’t even come up.

  • Chris Brocka

    If they’re worried about originality and trademarks, they should use something other than an Apple desktop image on the promo photo.

  • Vivaz … it’s got SSSAAZZZZZ …

  • karen edwards “karebare”

    don’t you love when lawyers design ads?

  • aw, c’mon karen, give some props to the mailroom guy who they stopped in the middle of his appointed rounds and said “what do you think of this, kid?”

    and being poor of vision, he told them.

  • ken segall

    Welcome Karebare! The whole lawyer thing is one of my favorite topics. It’s extraordinary how many clients live in fear of their own lawyers, never venturing to even ask for clarification.

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