Apr 10

Ode to the floppy disk

The Observatory’s flag is at half-mast today.

Our old friend, the floppy disk, has just received some highly upsetting news. On March 11, 2011, Sony will be pulling the plug once and for all.

It’s a sad ending for the little plasticky thing we once put on such a high pedestal.

The floppy was always on standby. It rode in our shirt pockets, adding nary an ounce. It had a playful sense of humor, hiding in places we could never find.

It packed twice as much into its muscular body as those flimsy 5.25-inch floppies ever did.

Yet still, there was always this undercurrent of disrespect.

We’d call it floppy, even though it wasn’t. We’d write on it. Messily. Then trash it because it didn’t look so good.

After years of companionship, we left it for that “other disk.” The Zip was a momentary pleasure, yet it blinded us.

Floppies were fruitful, multiplying like rabbits. They’d pay us back at the rate of $5/shoebox at garage sales and flea markets. Then one day, even the Salvation Army wouldn’t take them.

Farewell, dear friend. You deserved better than this. May you find the happiness on eBay that you were denied in that ratty case I kept next to my computer.

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  • Josh Sklar

    Actually, I believe they’re only pulling the plug in Japan on that date, though I’m not sure how many other countries are still dependent on those little plastic marvels. And to defend the honor of the 5.25″ disks I grew up with: you could notch the opposite side, flip it over and voila, double the capacity of the disk.

  • ken segall

    According to the BBC report, they already stopped selling the floppy in most international markets earlier this year. Japan is the last major domino to fall. You must learn to live without!

  • andrewTee

    Next thing you know, you’ll be telling us that the famous After Dark flying toasters have been grounded for good… or that Egghead Software is closing its doors…

  • ken segall

    That would just be cruel…

  • Taxi

    Oh! I have just discovered that you are one of the people behind Scoopertino! And i just wanted to say how much i enjoy it. Totally off-topic, I know. But it’s really awesome stuff. Keep up the good work.

    I mean, Steve Jobs Toast. Seriously. I was wondering who could possibly be doing this and so I clicked “about”… twice. And now back to your regularly scheduled comments…

  • ken segall

    Aw, thanks. Off-topic comments are totally permissible as long as they’re about Scoopertino. I can’t tell you how much fun we’re having with that one. Hope you keep coming around.