May 10

Emergency! Apple adds a few web pages

Forget the BP oil spill. Never mind the European financial crisis. Apple has put up a few web pages.

You’d think by now it would cease to be surprising when grown adults overreact to this stuff. But I’m honestly amazed how many sites reported last week that Apple has started a new Mac campaign with the theme Why you’ll love a Mac — replacing its much-loved (and now much-expired) Get a Mac campaign.

Good lord. Relax.

Why you’ll love a Mac is not a campaign. It’s a series of web pages very much like those Apple has used for years to present the benefits of both Mac and Mac OS X.

Looks to me like the contracts for Justin Long and John Hodgman have simply lapsed and Apple has removed the spots from their site accordingly. Why you’ll love a Mac now tells the feature overview story.

Who knows what the new campaign will be, or if Apple even believes a Mac campaign is required at the moment. But I’ll go way out on a limb and predict that whenever a new campaign begins, it will not be a list of benefits with the theme line Why you’ll love a Mac.

Go about your business, citizens. Remain calm. Help is on its way.

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