Jun 10

iPhone 4 gets Kubricked

Didn’t take too long for someone to prove iPhone 4 makes a pretty good movie studio. Amazing, considering it will only cost you $199/$299 for the iPhone and $4.99 for iMovie. Well, okay, you do have to spring for the actors… and the composer… and the rigging… and the lighting… and the formalwear for Oscar night… but still.

(See the “making of” video here.)

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  • That is so awesome!!! Love the “making of” film.

  • Paul

    Very impressive production values.

    I’ve seen this a few times now and every time I see it I think they need to reshoot that last shot. Grandpa shouldn’t look back as he walks away with the little girl—he looks like a child molester checking behind him to see if anyone is following.

  • Ray

    I love the clips!

    The little girl’s fingernail paint is a bit distracting when she pull her grandpa’s hand.

    Agreed with Paul. The last shot of grandpa looking back is strange. If he looked back to the rail, then it would be more acceptable.