Jun 10

Welcome, iPhone 4

Despite the lost prototype fiasco, I thought the iPhone 4 intro was still pretty darn interesting. Guess there’s a bit of a difference between Gizmodo ripping the cover off and Steve Jobs walking us through the features. Some quick reactions to the phone, the event and the marketing:

A4 processor. Thank you! If iPhone performance = iPad performance, I will be euphoric.

24% thinner. Excellent. I hereby cease secretly envying my son’s iPod touch.

FaceTime, the technology. Totally love it. Dual switchable cameras and no-setup software are so very Apple. And tremendously cool.

FaceTime, the video. Anyone notice that Apple seems to be getting sappier as it gets bigger? I miss the edgier stuff. Whatever, maybe I know too much about how ads get made for my own good. Since the phone isn’t shipping yet, I assume we’re looking at actors from central casting getting misty-eyed on cue. But that’s just me.

iPhone 4, the video. Polished and professional. But, as noted in the past, these launch videos have become formulaic. Same cast of characters, familiar hyperbole. Wish they’d stray just once to prove it can be done. Apple = creativity.

The Glitch. It’s a shame, but meaningless in the end. Once, when Bill Gates publicly suffered a horrible tech problem on stage, we agency mischief-makers turned it into a 30-second ad for Apple. Steve wasn’t interested. “This stuff happens to all of us,” he said. Let’s see if the courtesy is returned.

Renaming the OS. In a post back at launch time, I thought it odd that something called iPhone OS would power things that weren’t phones. That mismatch is indicative of the thinking in effect when the moniker was selected. This was just a no-brainer — with three i-devices running the same OS, the new name is perfect. iOS forever.

Retina Display. Can’t wait to see it in person.

5-Megapixel Camera. Pixels aren’t everything, but all the camera improvements together should bump up the quality nicely. I may actually start using this camera.

iMovie. I love surprises. iMovie for iPhone was a good one. In glorious 30fps 720p. Well done.

Unified Mailbox. Good lord, what took you so long.

Folders. My app screens had become agonizingly complicated. Much appreciated.

iBookstore. Will please many, but not me. I’ve tried to read on an iPhone and it’s too damn tiny. If the gods meant us to read on iPhone, they would never have given us iPad.

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  • Nate

    I think you mean Gizmodo – Engadget didn’t rip the phone apart to my knowledge.

  • ken segall

    Silly me. Thanks for catching that. Fixed!

  • Kesey

    Along with iOS it’s too bad they didn’t rename iTunes. Too lucrative a brand name or coming soon?

    “Retina Display” is Apple marketing at its best. Come up with a name for the screen instead of just stating its pixels. I can hear the next gen iPhone 4 with Retina Display 2 already. And the iPhone 5 with Retina Display 3 is sure to be a winner.

  • David


    They must have taken the “retina” display idea from your retina logo. What do you think?

  • Shehan

    Yup.. i cant wait to get my hands on this baby. I havent upgraded since the 1st gen. Cause honestly.. there wasnt much to upgrade to.. PLUS.. my plan is much cheaper than its going to be.. lol…

    spot on everything.. i cant wait to prove my friends wrong about the whole megapixel thing. hopefully the camera lives up to Steve Jobs hype!..

  • ChuckO

    Steve’s making Apple the hi-tech Disney . e.g. Magical devices, no porn, heartwarming ads, the well tended walled garden. Not saying that’s bad.

  • Adam

    “iPhone 4, the video. Polished and professional. But, as noted in the past, these launch videos have become formulaic.”

    Yep, it’s not that different from this 5-year old launch video. It follows the same formula: groovie music, pristine product shots, Apple execs explaining how amazing the new product is, happy families shown using it… The teenager strumming his guitar in his room just cracks me up. :-D

  • Jimi

    An new apple product that i’m actually excited about getting my hands on! Thank the lord, it’s been too long…

    I think FaceTime might be a few years BeforeIt’sTime (see what I did there…). The fact that it’s only available on wifi is mostly useless. Do you think maybe they could have spent the engineering resources on some other more useful features that we can use now? I guess they might risk looking like they are playing catchup on HTC if they waited for a 4GS release… Still, Apple do love to brag about how they do things better than everyone else, even when they’re late to the party.

    Discuss :)

  • can’t wait to see what this means for the fall’s iPad updates …