Jul 10

Antennagate: a love story

The most amazing thing about a Steve Jobs presentation is not what he does on stage. It’s what happens in the mainstream press immediately after. More times than not, they echo and amplify the message Steve has so carefully crafted.

Few companies can pull off such a feat so consistently. That’s because it ain’t easy. Apple puts a ton of work into creating a simple, powerful message for every event. That message then appears in Steve’s speech, on apple.com, in the press release — it’s hard to miss.

Steve’s favorite technique for driving a point home on stage? Brute force. He makes his point. And then he keeps making his point. Until no reasonable person could conceivably miss his point.

The Antennagate Press Conference wasn’t like a product launch event. It was a special circumstance. For this one, Steve pounded away at two messages. One was “smartphones aren’t perfect.” The other was … well, see if you can figure it out from this video.

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  • Laura B. Whitmore

    Aaah, that begs the question then. Ken, are you happy?

  • interesting that out of all the times he described Apple’s consumers, the people really responsible for his success by purchasing their goods, he used the word ‘consumer’ ONCE and in all the other softly worded, sweetly sincerity-dripping utterances, we were called ‘users’ … like people with a substance abuse problem … like a dealer would describe a junkie … just sayin’

    he’s becoming the PC, casual, friendly parody of the state overlord from the original 1984 spot …

  • @marino a gallo

    You obviously did not read this (or is unable to comprehend):


  • read ’em all, obamapacman … i just didn’t drink the kool-aid …

    i like Apple products, i just dislike zealot bullcrap …

    and please, take a remedial english course to correct your grammar?

  • oh yeah, here’s a clue for free (the next one will cost you) : this is not the only site to get information about on all things Apple.

    the internet is really good for all sorts of things, like reading from all sorts of people about all sorts of stuff … some of it about Apple but without the rose colored glasses …

  • SnappleMac

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit – isn’t that how the saying goes? ;)

  • ken segall

    Zealot? Moi? To me zealotry is 100% support of one side, most often accompanied by 100% rejection of the other side. Criticism of Apple in this blog is frequent enough that I’d appreciate being upgraded from Zealot to Enthusiast.

  • @ SnappleMac : there’s a grain of truth in each jest …

    @ken: not you, but that snarky dweeb who tried to support your comments by citing, of all things, your previous comments … you might fall into the over-zealous enthusiast status?