Jul 10

Don’t tell Steve Ballmer…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

I had a fun little surprise when I tapped out Steve Ballmer’s name in my iPhone Mail app, which then offered to auto-correct for me.

It only works when you use lower-case letters. But still, it’s a nice little touch.

Oh, those rascals in the iPhone software group…

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  • qka

    Reminds me of back in the days when the Pentium first hit the market. The version of Microsoft Office current at the time, upon encountering “Pentium”, would suggest the correction “Penis”.

  • Got it to work once on iPhone 4, then it stopped working…

  • ken segall

    Mysterious! I just tried again. Surprisingly, it worked the first time with an upper-case B. Then it wouldn’t work at all after that with a upper- or lower-case B. I guess Mail learns as it goes. Hard to believe we’re actually spending our time doing this…

  • LOL. Thankfully at least it’s not my imagination. =)