Sep 10

Google’s endurance test

Creative guys used to kill themselves trying to distill a client’s message into a 30-second TV commercial.

Then the Internet set them free. Suddenly they could make their stories as long as necessary.

In fact, some started making their stories longer than necessary. Painfully longer. Only through public humiliation did they learn that restraint is one of the most powerful creative tools.

And now comes Google — apparently unable to resist the siren’s lure.

Over ten of the longest minutes of my life, they stretch a very thin joke to celebrate their new location-aware mobile search. I defy you to make it through the whole thing.

Honestly, I do get the message. There are even a few mildly amusing moments in here. But for the most part, it’s like watching an endless loop of paint drying on grass growing.

Probably not the best way to excite the people you’re trying to reach.

It’s a shame, because Google has actually shown great creative talent with its campaign for Google Search. Now we’re left to figure out which is the aberration: the good Google or the bad Google.

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  • Paul

    Couldn’t make it past the nth “pizza.”


  • kevin

    Ok, I must be slow because I’m not finding a joke. Not even a tiny little one.

  • Jamie

    I think it’s great!

  • Marian

    I don’t know how could anybody approve this ad.

  • Mirko Schieder

    I made it! I watched it all. and made it out unharmed atthe other end. well relatively.
    If you endure this chore to the end a window pops up ofgering you a share of Google stock for not turning away.
    If despite this commercial you accept, you get another share :)

    But seriously. My condolences go tho the poor editor who had to cut his thing.
    Usually you have to watch such a thing 20 to 100 times before it’s finished!