Sep 10

Learning to read with Stephen Fry

Years ago, I was tied down and forced to watch several days’ worth of British comedies. Very quickly, the restraints became unnecessary and I began to eagerly devour it.

One of the biggest reasons for my transformation was Stephen Fry. Damn, he’s good. So it is with great affection that I have watched Stephen emerge as a personality in the technology world.

His tweeting skills are legendary, and he wrote a great piece for Time Magazine at the launch of iPad — in which he guides us through his adventure at Apple, including meetings with Steve Jobs and the executive team.

Now Stephen has dipped his toes into app territory with a neat little thing called MyFry. This is actually the app version of his autobiography, The Fry Chronicles. What’s interesting about it is that it isn’t just another book — it’s a whole new way of reading a book.

Stephen explains it all in this video, sounding suspiciously like the narrator for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe — which in fact he was (in the  2005 production).

The video is a sweet introduction to the idea. Stephen’s style of speech makes him hard to ignore, and there’s little time wasted  — except for that long, clicky opening that makes you wonder if your sound is working. And yes, it would have been nice to have a good zinger line at the end, as opposed to more clicking.

But my imaginary hat is off to Stephen for being (a) funny, and (b) creative. He’s just proven that writing a book is only half the fun.

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  • Steven Brown

    Seems only available in on the UK store. Will keep waiting!!

  • Jimi

    Stephen Fry is a very engaging and clever man. People in the US should check out QI it’s good fun.

    I quite liked this video when I saw it a while back too: