Oct 10

Simplicity 101

It’s Google TV vs. Apple TV. Let’s just say there’s a bit of a difference in philosophy.

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  • Daniel

    well that is just an evil tease…picture won’t show in IE8 or Safari

  • ken segall

    Oops — operator error! Should work now.

  • Too good (fun) to be true! :D

  • rd

    FYI, abcnews covered GTV
    and the google VP showed
    Android phone using
    voice recognition to search
    in your TV.

  • ChuckO

    How about the Logitech Revue Google TV box that was announced today? That looks like madness as well.

    I just received the AppleTV. So far I’m very impressed. Setup took 10 minutes (including Netflix and turning HomeSharing on the MacBook). Streamed “The Book of Kells” from the MacBook Pro to the TV and it looked and ran great.

  • Kesey

    Sure it’s a lot of buttons, but it’s really just a QWERTY keyboard. Shouldn’t be that intimidating.

    I’d much rather have that than use one button to scroll through an onscreen keyboard.

  • ken segall

    That’s very true. (Although it doesn’t explain all the buttons up top.) But the point is, when Apple sits down to create a TV solution, there is no way in hell they’d ever leave the room with a remote that looks like that. They wouldn’t release a product until they’d figured out a way to deliver the functionality as part of a beautifully designed solution. Actually, that solution is already here in the event that Apple ever decides to add a search function to Apple TV. It’s iPad. It’s not like you’d ever be inputting more than a few words on the Google Remote, and it would be a no-brainer to add an on-screen keyboard to the Remote app on iPad. It would be more expensive than Google’s solution — but that’s never stopped Apple before.

  • ChuckO

    @Kesey, the iPod touch remote app is the best way to go. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t already have too many remotes around the TV (heck 2 remotes is one too many) never mind having anything resembling a keyboard around.