Nov 10

Verizon & Apple start dating

After months of winking at one another across the room, Verizon and Apple are finally seeing each other. In fact, it’s a little embarrassing the way they’re carrying on in public.

Just in time for the holidays, Verizon is selling iPads — and now they’re running an ad to make sure the world knows it.

Call it infatuation for now. But we all know the way these relationships blossom. First iPads, and before you know it there are iPhones everywhere.

Poor AT&T. Hey, they sell iPads too. They could be running their own ads if they wanted to. They just seem a bit resigned now that Apple has started to see others.

Okay, I’m sick of this metaphor. What about the ad itself? Good? Bad? Ugly?

Honestly, my reaction to this spot is supreme indifference. It’s an ad. It says what it’s supposed to say. It doesn’t make me leap from my seat, but then it doesn’t make me want to hang myself either. I’d file it right there in the middle under “seen and noted.”

I have a theory about how this happens. We know that Apple insists on approving ads from their partners. But they can’t get involved in every step, and there are deadlines to meet. I think they look at a spot like this and say, “That’s about as good as we’re going to get from these guys.”

This ad clearly says that the iPad has now available on Verizon. It has special effects. It uses the word “magic.” What more do you need?

Apple hates relying on other people’s creativity. When all they can do is say yea or nay, at some point they’re forced to approve — if only to ensure that the ad airs within our lifetime.

But let’s not lose sight of the important thing: Verizon and Apple are finally working together. This should make 2011 a much more interesting year. There’s plenty of time to worry about the pesky little details later. Like better ads.

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  • Michael Wojcik

    What makes this commercial a no-go for me is the fact that I can get an iPad with built in 3G. That’s all you need – just the iPad. The message of this commercial is that with verizon, you need another silly box to get on the network.

    The first time I saw the ad, I also thought, “This guy is at home, why doesn’t he just use the WIFI”. Then the house flew away and I was like hmmm… this would work as an Apple spot, too… minus the silly little box.

  • Synth

    Poor AT&T? Actually, I feel more sorry for poor Samsung. Where’s a Galaxy Tab supposed to go to get some quality “alone time” with the consumer this Christmas? The iPad is already ubiquitous–Target, BB, Walmart, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Apple retail, AT&T and now Verizon. Verizon? Android’s biggest sugar daddy for the last three years? They don’t even sell iPhones yet but they will have iPad displays showing the much bigger iPad with a real slate OS next to the smaller Galaxy Tab for around the same price and NO two year contract.

    Christmas will come and go and most consumers will think the Galaxy Tab is a geriatric vitamin supplement or some kind of laxative.

  • Totally agree, Ken. Not sure exactly what Verizon is selling here. Why should I buy iPad from them instead of Target? What’s the value prop? Verizon is riding the wave, not making the wave.

  • Synth

    Yeah, but having iPads in Verizon stores in time for Christmas was a marketing masterstroke on Apple’s part. Consumers will seen nothing but iPads wherever they look for a slate. Even if they are not looking for a slate.

    Also shows that maybe Verizon is not quite as enamored with Android as everyone thinks.