Apr 11

Michael Dell’s judicious use of words

Hell, who saw that one coming?

From yesterday’s WSJ’s interview with Michael Dell.

WSJ: What has surprised you most about the evolution of the tech industry [since your return as CEO of Dell four years ago]:

Michael Dell: I’d say [the] rapid rise of the tablet. I didn’t completely see that coming.

I’d truly love to know exactly what parts he didn’t see coming. Maybe it was the hardware and software parts?

Then again, Michael doesn’t always express himself too well. He said “didn’t completely” when he really meant “completely didn’t.”

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  • Hahaha. Hilarious. I didn’t completely expect that ending to your blog article.

  • qka

    Texans. They only think they speak English. ;)

  • Riz

    Give the guy a chance. Of course he couldn’t completely see the tablets were coming.

    None of the blogs which were reporting the arrival of the Apple tablet computer almost a year before iPad’s introduction were not giving a complete picture of what is coming. :-)

  • Bmcfadden

    Dell has always been a purveyor of low quality shit-boxes. Expecting vision from Dell is like expecting my dog to stop licking its balls.

    Can’t wait for Dell’s Windows 7 powered tablets … Those should really put a dent in Motorola Xoom sales.

  • Joseph Futral

    Of course he didn’t see it coming. No one from the Windows side of PCs saw it coming. They’ve been trying for around 10 years to make tablets the future of computing and no one could even say it made it to “niche” level.


  • as i posted somewhere else yesterday … ” that would be the same guy who advised Mr Jobs to give the shareholders all their money back when he retook the helm … “

  • stefn

    Success can narcotize; cus’ change can only stink. See Dell and Ballmer. Conversely failure can energize; change fascinates. See Jobs’s years in the wilderness. What Jobs brought back into Apple was not revolution but permanent evolution toward his lifelong work goal: Computers for the rest of us. (A goal that continues to disgust critics. Not sure why this is so.) Then he persuaded developers to this cause, showing them how they can make good money and work for themselves creating two buck apps. And the world turned.