Apr 11

Our top story today: Mac vs. PC?

One of mankind’s more lovable traits is its need to analyze things to death. We not only like to know things, we like to come up with new ways to know the things we already know.

This point was driven home for me Friday afternoon, when I noticed that the top story on CNN’s front page was an analysis of Mac vs. PC personalities.

The “news” here is a survey in HunchBlog. 388,000 people who identified themselves as Mac or PC went on to answer a series of questions about their preferences for various things in life, and the results are presented in easily digested tidbits.

Of course, the takeaway is something we not only know now, we’ve known it for over 25 years: there is a difference between those who prefer Macs and those who prefer PCs.

Every product on earth attracts an audience that shares a certain set of beliefs and preferences. Yet we have this never-ending passion for analyzing Mac vs. PC when nobody seems to give a hoot about NASCAR vs. baseball. Or Ford vs. Mercedes. Or Willie Nelson vs. Lady Gaga.

Let’s just leave it at “people are different.” Preferring one thing over another doesn’t make you evil, laughable or an object deserving of pity. It just makes you a little easier to describe — and a little less able to hide from advertisers eager to have a word with you.

But getting back to the HunchBlog findings: the results of this survey are interesting and laughable all at once. Remember, these tidbits come from Mac and PC users describing themselves, not being psychoanalyzed by others.

If you enjoy being the kind of elitist, arrogant Mac user resented by so many PC users, there’s some good fodder here. You’re younger, more educated, more metropolitan, more individual and more vegetarian.

If you care to pound your chest as a red-blooded American PC user, you can find good backup here as well. You’re not hung up on fashion, you’re more into Harleys and you’re bigger fans of Rachel Maddow.

And if you’re the “can’t we all get along” type, you can rejoice in the fact that both sides really enjoy The Office.

As a Mac person, I find myself deeply disturbed by the fact that certain of my preferences are actually more aligned with the PC crowd.

I’m sorry, but I like tuna sandwiches more than hummus. Even worse, I’ve eaten tuna while watching Rachel Maddow. Can the urge to buy a Dell be far behind?

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  • DWalla

    Oh gag….. Rachel Madcow?