Apr 11

The day Apple’s magic was born

Believe it or not, there was once a time when Apple didn’t use the word magic so often to describe its products in ads, events, launch videos and web pages.

In those dark times, they actually had to rely on such words as amazing and revolutionary.

However, an archaeological dig has unearthed the above video — in which a younger, fully bearded Steve Jobs reveals that the legendary Blue Box he and Woz invented was, you guessed it … magical. And this was before Apple even existed.

While it’s interesting to see that Steve’s fondness for the word goes back a long way, it’s even more interesting to hear Steve’s take on the technology adventure that led directly to the creation of Apple.

This is a slightly devilish Steve, not  quite as concerned about legalities as he is today. It’s also a very familiar Steve  — marveling at the wonder of a small device that can leverage the power of a vast information infrastructure.

To me, this is one reason why Steve Jobs has been able to change the world as he has. Even when his inventions were light years away from the ones we use today, his values were very much the same.


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  • roby

    Why does your site require Google Analytics to be turned on?

    I couldn’t watch the video without doing that.

    Please fix!

  • ken segall

    I can’t duplicate the issue you describe, having checked on multiple devices now. If anyone else is running into this problem, please let me know! Thanks.