May 11

First iMac cut from the family album

Poor, original, bulbous iMac.

You blazed the trail. You were the first “all-in-one.” You taught us to think different and toss aside our floppy disks. Your Bondi Blue was an oasis in a desert of beige.

And how do they repay you?

They pretend you never existed. They shine a light on the sexy thin models — and avert their gaze from a full-figured beauty like yourself.

Oh, okay, I’m not really that distraught about it. But I was a bit surprised when I saw this graphic on the new iMac pages at apple.com.

Looks like history has been re-written. The “Evolution of iMac” no longer includes the original iMac — no doubt because it would just look unforgivably chunky next to the cooler iMacs that followed.

Clearly Apple did this consciously, as they went out of their way to qualify the language in the caption by saying, “The all-in-one design of the first flat-panel iMac cleaned up the desktop … put everything you need inside one simple enclosure.”

Correct. And so did the original iMac.

No, I think it’s more of an eyesore issue. Accuracy would only have made this image unusable.

So let’s have a moment of silence for our old friend. Photo or no photo, I know there’s a special place in Cupertino for that revolutionary first iMac … even if it is in the basement.

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  • Bmcfadden

    I still clearly remember booting up my brand new Bondi blue iMac for the first time. It was fast, cool and quiet. For me it was like the 90’s had really began, and the tantilizing promise of the Internet was finally being delivered. Long live the original iMac!

  • jsk

    “First All-in-One”?!?

    And the original Mac (through the SE30, plus the “Classic,” and MacTV) weren’t “All-in-ones”?

    P.S. Still have my SE (dual 800k floppy version), still works!

  • ken segall

    Good point! But if Apple can cut out the first iMac, I can cut out the old Macintoshes.

  • Scott

    I just sold a lime green iMac DV at our neighborhood garage sale last Saturday. My daughter had been using it, but she now has an 800 MHz 17″ lamp style iMac. She absolutely loves it compared to the lime green machine. The evolution is progressing in her bedroom well.

  • Bradley Dichter

    There was the all-in-one G3 for education users and the 25th Anniversary Mac and assorted Performa models.

  • Boomer Appleseed

    Today marks the iMac’s 15th anniversary. Thankfully, computers don’t come much in beige nowadays. Thank you bondi blue iMac!

    If you want to live back the historic moment, here’s a link to the keynote and some back story: http://everystevejobsvideo.com/original-imac-introduction-apple-special-event-1998/