Jun 11

Jony Ive’s long-lost brother

Meet Marko Ahtisaari, fraternal twin of Jony Ive.

Interestingly, though Marko and Jony were separated at birth, Marko ended up working in the same line of business. He’s Senior VP of Design at Nokia, responsible for that company’s new N9 smartphone. DNA is a powerful thing.

But it gets even more interesting.

It turns out that everyone in Apple’s creative department has a twin sibling — and they all work at Nokia. That would include the launch video writer, the director and the entire video production crew…

It is absolutely true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the world of global commerce, however, it’s also a big, lazy ripoff.

It’s just not possible to create a video so uncannily similar to Apple’s unless you set out with the specific goal of duplicating their work. (With the obvious motive of trying to duplicate their success.)

We should keep in mind that this is the sad work of Nokia’s marketing department, not their engineering department. However, the guys who designed and built the N9 aren’t off the hook yet.

It was last April when Nokia announced their new partnership with Microsoft, which was to result in Windows Phone 7 replacing their Symbian and MeeGo OSes. Yet the N9 is a major new phone from Nokia — still running MeeGo.

A high-stakes double-cross? Playing both sides of the street? Or just a ploy to thoroughly confuse the investment community?

Whatever, all of the above shows that Nokia is one company who has much to learn about sending a simple message. Or an original one.

[Thanks, cbee, for the tip.]

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  • Ya know, there are times when I want to bash other companies for bad or inept ideas that offer no real competition. But this goes so far beyond that……this is simply embarrassing. It’s like watching a 5 year old trying to mimic something they’ve seen and pretending it’s they’re own original idea. At 5 years old, it’s adorable. As a corporate entity, it’s just shameful.

  • neilw

    I actually think the swipe interface looks pretty cool. But releasing a Meego phone after you’ve said you’re canceling Meego is… well, just weird. It’s like expecting to sell lots of Symbian phones after you cancel Symbian. That didn’t work out too well.

  • Ferdinand Mera

    swipe |swīp| informal
    verb [ trans. ]
    2 steal : someone swiped one of his sausages.

    sent from my mac’s built-in dictionary.

  • Synth

    And Elop actually said that MeeGo is still a complete dead end, EVEN if the N9 is a roaring success!

    I still don’t know why they chose WM7 over MeeGo. It looks at least as promising, and they could have controlled their own destiny. Now they are at the utter mercy of MS.

  • Bladrnr

    This sort of thing is what all of the Android fans forget: Apple did all of this first! They act like Apple and Android came out at the same time…when they didn’t. Facts are facts: Apple turned the smart phone industry on its head when the original iPhone came out. They started from scratch with no preconceived notions about what a smart phone should look like or act like. Everyone else is playing catch-up to what Apple did, and they act like the iPhone is now me-too product. It’s funny if it weren’t so depressing. It’s like living through the Windows 95 rollout all over again. Apple shipped a Mac in 1984. Eleven years before Windows was truly a GUI-based OS (excluding the clunky Windows 3.1). And yet the DOS crowd always wanted to ignore that truth.

    And in fact, the inverse is true. The iPad is nothing like a Windows-based tablet. MSFT had ten years on the iPad and still couldn’t get it right with the market. Apple waited until they had everything in place and reaped (is reaping) the rewards with a revolutionary design and OS. Just wait though until someone (HP?) ships their tablet with a me-too OS, and then it will start all over again with the “Apple is so lame” meme.

    Apple will remain the king of profitability in this market until someone creates a truly revolutionary smart phone that is better than the iPhone, and same for the iPad. And with the looks of things, it won’t be happening anytime soon.

  • Nate

    Good grief! Even the icons are an obvious ripoff. There ought be a way to set a “ripoff alert” on videos as blatant as this one. The sad thing is, there are sheep out there who will really believe that this represents original thinking, original design, and original manufacturing which, of course, it does not.

  • Dude

    im with blade runner – its windows 95 all over again.

    Only question is if this time apple will be able to protect its IP.

  • I know Marko, he’s a fine bass player BTW, but I struggle to understand how someone who is so smart could fool himself into not seeing how badly this reflects on him and the company. A small twist in the ux of a smartphone is not going to turn the tide in its favour.

    Just don’t understand this move at all.

  • David Thall

    “…it comes down to one simple gesture, a swipe.”

    At least he’s being half honest. He’s admitted their entire idea is built on swiping. He just neglected to say who they swiped it from.