Nov 11

Annie Leibovitz likes iPhones

Brian Williams had legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz on his show the other day. He asked her, in effect, what camera she might suggest to the mere mortal who just wanted a good everyday device.

I can imagine a number of replies she might have given, so I was surprised at the one she gave. She started talking about iPhone. “That is the snapshot camera of today,” she said.

Judging by the fairly crappy photos she took of Brian while she spoke (spliced into the interview after the fact), I suspect she wasn’t even using an iPhone 4S with its improved optics.

But her point actually wasn’t about photo quality, it was more about something every photography enthusiast should take to heart. She talked about the importance of editing. Annie takes tons of photos when she does a job, and one of her talents is the ability to edit well. She painstakingly searches through her work to find those few gems that are technically correct and capture a great moment.

So, for everyday photos, Annie thinks quantity is a factor as well as quality. In other words, keep snapping. You’ll get a good one eventually.

I just found it interesting that Annie would specifically call out iPhone, considering her answer would have been applicable to any phone. (Obviously she’s part of the conspiracy.)

Fun as this endorsement may be, I won’t expect to see an Annie Leibovitz coffee table book of iPhone photography anytime soon. Clearly, the woman needs some practice with that iPhone shutter finger.

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  • AdamC

    Green as in envy.

  • Lisa

    Ann Leibovitz is a rude, extremely unpleasant person.