Nov 11

Invasion of the iPhone 4S ads

I love the smell of fresh ads in the morning.

Apple has now added not one, not two, but three new ads to the iPhone 4S campaign. For we who like our entertainment in 30-second spurts, this is good news indeed.

As we have come to expect, each of these new ads is a clear, straightforward demo. But that’s okay, because what’s being demoed is mostly eye-opening stuff. Here are all three new spots with a mini-review of each.

Snow Today:

Of the three, this is the one that’s most similar to the 4S ad that debuted last week, right down to a cute kid interacting with Siri. But the range of Siri’s abilities is so wide, we see a whole new batch of interesting uses. One big difference between this ad and the first is that we actually hear a lot from Siri. So much for my theory that they’re downplaying the robotic voice. But it’s interesting how the synthetic voicing of Siri becomes almost charming thanks to the human responses programmed into her.


With this ad, Apple makes a very sneaky (in a good way) move to simplify its story. Technically, iCloud isn’t an iPhone thing. It’s an everything thing. It’s equally cool on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Change or add something to any one of these devices or computers, and it shows up on the others. But to make it even easier to appreciate, everything we see here ties back to iPhone. It all adds up to “iCloud — on the most amazing iPhone yet.” (Never mind that you can enjoy all this iCloud goodness on your old iPhone 4 as well.)


This one strays a little from Apple’s standard, in that it actually starts by touting technical specs — “with 8 megapixels and advanced optics.” No doubt that’s because iPhone’s camera has been lagging behind its competitors. Since the camera is the least remarkable aspect of the 4S, a spot devoted to this feature can’t possibly be as compelling as a spot devoted to Siri. Still, people take tons of photos on their phones, and it needs to be part of the mix.

I’m sure that someone, somewhere, is still arguing that iPhone 4S offers only minor improvements over iPhone 4. Likewise, some analysts are no doubt sticking to their story that Apple’s most recent earnings report was a let-down. (Even though record sales of the 4S prove that many were simply waiting for the new model.)

These new spots should do a good job of erasing the doubts — while they stir up some good, old-fashioned iPhone lust.

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  • Dude

    I disagree on the camera thing. This camera is very compelling. In fact it effectively replaces the camcorder for parents. No more is “cell phone” shorthand for describing crappy pictures. It also has quite amazing image stabilization. I spend a lot of money in serious yet highly portable camera gear, and the 4S just made it irrelevant for anywhere that shallow depth of field is not needed. Which means its the only camera most peole will need.

    Apple just killed the point and shoot market.
    And they did it with a camera that has all the features camera makers can’t or won’t add- like long battery life, easy sharing, a touch screen etc.

    Think about it- no camera maker could make this advert because none of them have the features demoed, and yet they are all features everyone wants.

  • Bmcfadden

    The “killer feature” of the iPhone’s camera is the ability to immediately email a shot, or have the iCloud automatically sync it with a users other devices. Until standard point and shoot cameras include built in 3g connectivity and email capability, consumers will opt for the iPhone model.

    This weekend I took a picture with my iPhone, emailed it to my iPad, designed a card using the new Cards app, and sent a printed thank you note to my hosts before I was even home.

  • Riz

    I agree. iPhone’s camera is a major improvement.

    iPhone 4S has indeed killed the point-and-shoot cameras as well as entry level camcorders. Who would need a camcorder if you can film like this with your phone?