• Marian

    I bought my first MacBook quite late. And I remember how weird it felt in the beginning to have the logo upside-down from the perspective of the owner… But then it was obvious it’s the right way to do it.

    I think Apple was the first company to put it right when opened* because of the glowing logo.

    * I guess

  • Marian

    * I guess Apple is the first company. But I remember Dells and HPs a while ago, and I see Dells and HPs now.

  • Jason Parry

    wait, i can’t tell which side of the argument you are on you want it upwards down or right side topwards

  • Dmitri Bilgere

    I remember at the time feeling like the upside-down-to-the-world logo summed up all that was wrong with Apple. My favorite company, makers of some of the best stuff I’d ever owned, showed their logo screwed up to the world.

    I remember saying to a friend, “I already know I have a Mac! Show the world the logo!”

    Of course so much has gone right since then, I shouldn’t complain…

  • Bmcfadden

    The glowing Apple logo on my new 11″ MacBook Air is one of my favorite design elements. And walking into a coffee shop and seeing a sea of glowing Apple logos is still impressive, and powerful, silent, almost subliminal advertising for Apple

  • BryanB

    Apple is most apple when in use. In use the Logo was upside down. When it’s not in use who care?