Apr 12

Insanely Simple: new Apple book sneak peek

It’s almost showtime.

My book, Insanely Simple, will be shipping right on schedule in less than three weeks. April 26th, to be exact.

In case you haven’t heard, the book is about how Apple’s focus on simplicity has helped shape every aspect of the company. It’s based on my own experiences as an ad agency creative director, working with Steve Jobs, Apple and some of its competitors. (See my earlier article for more about the book.)

Pre-orders have been terrific. But I have to ask myself: what kind of ad man would I be if I didn’t come up with some kind of “special offer” to lure a few more into pre-ordering before launch day?

Buy five, get one free? Nah. Free iPad with every purchase? Tempting.

No, wait, I’ve got it. How about a free chapter, no strings attached?

Just click on the book cover above to access the 11-page introduction to Insanely Simple.

This will give you a much better idea what the book is about, and and help you decide if you can endure my writing for more than a single blog post.

Hope you like it.

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  • Von Clyde Romo


  • Prashanth Nimmagadda


  • Scott

    A sentence in your last paragraph made me think of something a wise Jedi master once said. Your quote was “…if your understanding or skills are 
    incomplete, you’ll be no match for Complexity,” which reminded me of this quote from Yoda, “Only a fully trained Jedi Knight with the Force as his ally will conquer Vader and his Emperor.” I think I’ll really like this book. 

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  • johniebaxter

    Pre-ordered the book. It was simple to do.

  • Dmitri

    Looking forward to it! And if for some reason your book tour brings you to Madison, WI (I know, fat chance) I’ll be at the signing!

  • Harry C

    Still not showing in Australian iBook store

  • Harry C

    Ignore that, wasn’t in the AU store on the weekend but is there tonight, my bad. Preordered.

  • ksegall

    Good news! Hope you like it.

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  • Dk

    Great book, really. You are a good writer and persuasive! I will buy the Kindle version in a minute. 

    Any pictures inside the book, or purely words?Audiobook or Video version coming?

  • ksegall

    Thanks! I’m sorry, there are no photos inside the book. But yes, there is an audiobook version coming, probably within a couple of weeks. (I did the reading myself.) Hope you enjoy…

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  • Your book is not available in the Apple iBook store for Switzerland. Only US. Why?

  • ksegall

    Sorry Ralph, I didn’t notice this comment. By now, all issues should have been solved. The book should be available on iBooks everywhere. Please let me know if you’re still having any problems finding it and I’ll get someone on the case. Thanks!

  • Bluskyeriversea

    Great book ken :) great ideas to use for my upcoming meeting and a different way to rethink life and busIness using the philosophy in the book