Sep 13

Decoding Apple press invitations

Those sly foxes … hiding colors inside circles like that …

Sometimes the level of scrutiny aimed at Apple by analysts, experts, bloggers and journalists has to make you laugh.

In recent years, some of the bigger laughs have come from the “clues” that people read into the invitations Apple sends out for its announcement events. Every word, shape and color has meaning to someone. I’m pretty sure there are clues hidden in the punctuation as well.

An oldie: those darn clues are hidden all over the joint

It’s even funnier that just a few hours after today’s announcement, following months of speculation about multiple color iPhones, the observers haven’t seen fit to call out the sledgehammer-like clues confirming the rumor — namely, multiple color circles and the word “bright.”

Could it be that it’s all just too obvious to mention? Perhaps. But that’s never stopped anyone before.

Hold the presses … something fishy about this one

At Dalrymple’s The Loop, the invitation announcement is published with the simple note: “It is widely expected that Apple will introduce a new iPhone at the event.”

At MacDailyNews, they only offer this addendum to Dalrymple’s post: “Or, most likely, iPhones: iPhone 5S and 5C.”

At Electronista, there is more in-depth speculation. It’s about processors, fingerprint scanners, better camera and a plastic back for the 5C. But not a peep about colors.

Well … maybe Apple no longer deserves all that intense speculation now that it’s stopped innovating.

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  • Innovation is directly tied to speculation, right? :-)

  • nuthinking

    I do hope “bright” stands for a much better camera sensor than for the double flash light. Will go in the freezer, defrost me in a week! ;)

  • Chris Hauk

    I would like the record to show that I did give some analysis on The Loop…

    “‘This should brighten everyone’s day” Clearly indicates the new iPhone 5S will be made entirely of light beams. #AppleInvitationAnalysis”

  • fromafar

    Also “everyone” could mean lower cost iPhone for a wider market. Overall not much of a surprise isn’t it? intentional or not, there were enough leaks to confirm most of what to expect. The iphone 5 leaks last year from Chinese sources were pretty accurate, 4″ screen, 2 tone back plate. No reason to doubt this year’s rumors. Of course there’s still tech specs (god please let the finger print sensor be true and awesome), and pricing for the 5C.

  • Greg

    Seems obvious. The new phone will be round, no top, no bottom, no sides. Whichever way you pick it up, the home screen will be correctly facing you. And it will come in bright colours. Genius.

  • DOTS!

  • Why not an AppleTV-like product that functions as a pico-projector/video-projector with AirPlay capabilities? After all, PatentlyApple.

  • Nameless Coward

    Well.. obviously.. the Rainbow Flag colered theme popped up once Tim Cook took the stage as Apples leader. Tim obviously is a gay person.
    I know Apple one time used a colored logo to show that they used color screens

    Steves presentations used monochromatic versions of the Apple logo.
    When Tim happily took stage he colored the logo with the Rainbow Flag.

    This all coincides with the new happy and gay world we now live filled with happy drooling hipsters that will vote and do as they are told. Its for Obama, so yeah ok!

    Perhaps ironicly these idiots will support Obama starting WW3, and then Samsung gets nuked.

    Disclaimer: Im non partisan. All ruling parties are the head of the same dragon.
    I cant understand you Americans see that, and get suckered over and over again.
    You once were sovereign ppl land of the free home of the brave. You are special, you ruled over your own lives. Never has the world seen such freedom prosparity and ingenuity propelling the human race to great highs in such shortmtime. Thank you ever so much. Your politicians are are bought and paid for. Foreigninterests have taken over. The federal reserve is not federal its private and owned by the monarchies of Europe wich you fought to get away from!

    Think differently, open your minds.

  • Gary Deezy

    They can “brighten my day” by including a camera system in the phone that does not create a purple halo in my photos.