Sep 14

Samsung having iPhone 6 anxiety issues

Samsung, you rascal.

I thought you’d unloaded all your anti-iPhone 6 ammunition with that spate of bad ads a few days ago.

Yet here you are, trying another tack.

This time, rather than going with the unfunny comedy approach, you’re basically presenting your case to the jury. You had the big screen first and you can prove it.


Unfortunately, you’re overlooking one little detail: nobody gives a hoot.

Most people care about the choices right in front of them. Today. They look at price, quality, design and reliability. Who came first isn’t exactly #1 on their priority list.

Of this you should be thankful.

Otherwise, iPhones would own 100% of the smartphone market. You’d also have some explaining to do about that nifty little fingerprint reader you recently added.

Absolutely, Apple was extremely late to the big-screen party and you reaped the benefit. But the party is still in full swing, and millions of people are still arriving — as indicated by record-setting iPhone 6 sales this weekend.

You know, you did some nice work with those early “next big thing” ads where you made fun of the Apple people standing in line for new iPhones.

But there’s a huge difference between those ads and the one at the top of this page.

In those previous spots, you focused on features that even the newest iPhones didn’t have. You had the feisty, fun spirit of the underdog. This time, not so much. In fact, you’re sounding defensive.

When you do your taxes this year, don’t forget to deduct 50% of this ad’s cost as a business gift to Apple. You’ve done an excellent job of publicizing the arrival of iPhone 6.

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  • yet another steve

    Samsung sells the most smartphones on the planet. But even they know they’re not the most important. Because rule #1 is that #1 never mentions #2.This is nothing new, but it’s still telling…

  • rattyuk

    Sort of. They’re sales have fallen year over year for the last 3 quarters and now the Chinese are attacking them at the bottom end and Apple has finally attacked their only unique selling point at the high end.

    Samsung know they are stuffed and are panicking.

  • The ad was already bad, and then they got to the part where they started quoting tweets. What next, quoting YouTube comments?

  • lrd555

    Samsung profits were down 25% last quarter. This next quarter’s profit, Oct-Dec, should be telling of what’s to come for Samsung in the smartphone arena.
    What’s the saying about revenge? It’s best when served on a cold platter?

  • Jurassic

    Samsung also was selling smartphones (that looked like Blackberrys) before Apple introduced the iPhone. So what!

    Apple has NEVER been first at producing a product in any category. They ARE popular because they bring out the BEST product in any given category.

    Being the best does not require you to be the first. It requires you to examine what is currently out there, and to make something better.

    But to Samsung (and the people who buy its low-quality products) being first is somehow meaningful, while things like quality, usability, integration, user experience, services, etc. have no meaning at all.

  • ksegall

    That truly is laughable. Quoting tweets from people we’ve never heard of is a terrific way to make a point :)

  • enyibinakata

    Samsung needs its own eco system. Android has no competitive advantage. Google is very pro iOS.

  • rattyuk

    Especially, this being Samsung we’re talking about, that the reason we haven’t heard of them is that they’re likely on the Samsung payroll or the advertising company’s payroll.

  • I want to smoke whatever the narrator’s got. He sounds like he chills pretty hard. Dude.

  • Mark Hallacy

    It’s fairly simple: A company that only builds a product cannot compete with a company that builds and excels at the product, the interface and ecosystem. A fragmented system cannot compete with an integrated system. It was a good run Samsung, but flawed from the beginning.

  • Spyinthesky

    That truly is desperate isn’t it, they are usually far better at hiding it but when you are sweating profusely its more difficult to think straight. Ongoing and that bloody pen sooooo 1990s.

  • Ranasingha

    Samsung’s ads are the equivalent of sputtering, saliva spewing name calling in an impotent rage. There is noting they can do to stop Apple designing popular quality products.

  • Jim

    At 0:32 in the commercial we see…”wait for it” hand writing turned into text with the voice over of “… more innovative.” At least they didn’t use the Newton font from 1993.

  • Crikeym8

    If Samsung products are of low quality as some describe here, then why are iphones full of Samsung components? Just except the FACT, Apple only own 11.9% of the smartphone market, and last time I checked my galaxy note 3, my battery lasts 2 days with a whole lotta usage. The war is over, Android have won, get used to it.

  • Jim

    Simple: Components do not equal the whole.

    “Last time I checked…” Well, go update your info: http://www.comscore.com/Insights/Market-Rankings/comScore-Reports-June-2014-US-Smartphone-Subscriber-Market-Share

  • Tombo

    Likely on the Samsung payroll AND tweeting from their iPhone like all the phoney (pun intended) celebrity endorsers!

  • Nangka

    Then you need not be here. Just go enjoy your victorious android device along with your 85% majority.

  • Dan Andersen

    iPhones are not “full of Samsung components.” Why make things up, Crikeym8?

  • Herding_sheep

    Samsung is literally that troll who always proclaims “FIRST” at the beginning of any comment section on the Internet. Actually, they’re more like the ironic “FIRST” posts that aren’t actually first, but rather 3rd or 4th in the comments. That’s Samsung. So close, convinced they’re truly first and original, when in reality they’re just some childish schmuck who was a minute late and a dollar short.

  • ScrittoreSabino

    The components are not Samsung. Some part are merely manufactured by Samsung, designed by Apple (many times along with Apple designing the manufacturing equipment and process itself). Apple just doesn’t care to own and run a factory. They farm out the manual labor. This is where Samsung and Foxconn come in. Samsung manufactures the chips designed by Apple for Apple. Samsung is the labor.

  • PeterBlood

    Typical scared Fandroid BS. Apple owns 42.1% U.S. market share while Shamdung is only at 28.6%.

    Android has won what? (So many phones and high market share yet so little consistency.) The many permutations? The low end knock-offs? The no-brand cheap models? The fragmented ecosystem? The inconsistent experience across the brand? The highest malware rate? The Google personal data mining? Oh yeah you have lots to brag about. You defend a fortress made out of farts & excrement.

    Poor Apple only has a 92% uptick rate of the latest iOS upgrade.

  • Brian C. Bock

    The underdog always mentions the top dog and the top dog never mentions the underdog. It’s why Apple used to name check IBM, Intel, and Microsoft in their ads. I don’t believe Apple ever mentions Samsung in their ads. Samsung should sell what they do better. Price, Pen, muti-tasking, and whatever else they can come up with. Leave the snearing, snide voice-over behind. Be positive. Show why people Love Samsung. I’m an Apple fan. But I can totally see why people love Samsung devices. It’s too bad Samsung doesn’t see this and capitalize on it. I love having strong competitors in the market. Back in the day Nintendo and Sega made each other better. Samsung and Apple make each other better. Even though Apple doesn’t mention Samsung, it’d be hard to believe they don’t have them on their minds.

  • Brian C. Bock

    Ewwww. Please know. I don’t think our ears could take hearing them say “fake and gay” or whatever the children on Youtube are doing now.

  • Sharpe

    Perhaps someone should inform Samsung that Dell already had a 5 inch Phablet (Dell Streak) 1 YEAR before Samsung introduced the first Note…

    If Samsung actually made the screen parts, the ad would be true though.

  • rolf5

    odd but true:

    on the 1 hand: Apple iPhone 6 makes Samsung cry/tremble

    on the other: ApplePay makes PayPal crumble too (see NYT ad Sp15 http://readwrite.com/2014/09/15/paypal-anti-apple-ad)

    iSteve always said it right:

    Competition? Flummoxed!

    it does NOT matter who invents. who cares whose 1st.

    it’s who 1st does it well! ubiquitous.

    it does NOT matter who invents. who cares whose 1st.

    it’s who 1st does it well! ubiquitous.

    it’s sooo ironic.

    samsong / PayPale / goo / moto / nokio / microdough etc.

    are all acting like Spoilt Children,

    have no sense of self-esteem, confidence, soul, iQ, eQ,

    and only in panic seek scapegoats, cry over spilled milk,

    spread FUD, briber media etc.

    so irresponsible. so silly.

    grow up Samsung/PayPal.

    do not grow on mockery/Schadenfreude.

    grow on self-merit.

    Gandhi: BE the Change you wish to see.

    if you’re so smart/innovative/successful etc.

    why do you not for a change, act smart and innovate beyond complaints or mockery, but evolve into something better, more advanced than Apple whom you copy the entire time of your existence?!

    sill ads just pronounce your unworthiness.

    At least one player in the game of life, Apple, is maturely moving everyone through many industries, forward!

  • Gest2016

    Its really very simple: Be first, or be best. Sometimes you can be both, but if you have to chose, be best. Samsung often choses to be first, but puts out “me too” derivative produts. Which is fine if your audience are bottom feeders who value cost over value. Whenever someone attacks my deep and longterm appreciation of the quality and value Apple produts have brought to my life, I ask them to read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanence” and then get back to me.

  • Gest2016

    The weid thing is the types of people who strongly defend Samsungs products and corporate ethics are the types of people I have no interest in being friends with. So in a strange way I rely on Samsung to weed out the unworthy. Life is too short to get into pissy, sophmoric debates over features and “firsts” — I identify the very best, and then inlude it in my life.

  • Mike Curtis

    Biggest knock on Apple iPhones. No true multitasking.

  • John Williams

    iPhone six will definitely be a threat to Samsung phone market. Many people were waiting for it desperately.