Oct 15

Raining on Apple’s parade

I guess there really is one in every crowd.

On Tuesday, Apple released its earnings report, which contained enough gaudy numbers to satisfy just about everyone.

Just about.

Above are the stories that appeared on Yahoo’s finance page within minutes of Apple’s numbers becoming public. For investors, it was a festival of good news.

“Profit rises 31%.” “Earnings top expectations.” “All-time sales record.” And then… “Has Apple Growth Hit The Pause Button?” (Using a DoNotLink url, so feel free.)

I have to say, it’s awesome that an Appleslinger can be so quick on the draw. It pays to be fleet of foot, even if one is light of brain.

Once I got to the page, ancient memories were stirred. Yes, it’s more keen commentary from 24/7 Wall St., who once drew me in with their insightful observation that Apple Watch must be failing because Apple is running ads for it. Makes perfect sense.

This new article is twelve paragraphs long. Eleven are perfectly positive about Apple’s freshly released numbers. It’s Paragraph 11 that contains the bucket of cold water:

The company had another very solid quarter, but one has to wonder about the product that will fire Apple’s next growth spurt. Without that signal of innovation, the company is in danger of not only losing its cachet, but its very tidy hardware margins.

Let’s see. Apple Watch is in its infancy. (Puzzlingly, Apple keeps advertising it!) Apple TV is fresh out of the oven, primed to create a new app-based platform in the home. Then there’s iPad Pro, the iPhone 7 already being created in Apple’s design labs, and the un-secret Apple Car taking shape in a secured location.

But damn — if only we could detect a “signal of innovation.”

Apparently, 24/7 Wall St. is a proud member of the “Let’s keep saying it until it’s true” school of thought.

And who can blame them? After all, Apple-sniping is like most other sports — it’s all about consistency.


  • lrd555

    Lets talk growth. Where’s Google’s next growth spurt?

    Not mobile; or they wouldn’t be hiding the figures from us. All the while, they’re not growing @ all in China; can’t grow where your not in business. Huge lost opportunity. Apple’s making as much as Google in China alone.

    And let’s talk innovation, like that Nexus 6 phone with a fingerprint sensor. Wow! That’s something to brag about 2 years after Apple’s. Android even 64 bit? Remember Apple did that like 3 years ago. And let’s talk about who’s updating to the latest OSs. 61% for Apple. While Google’s previous OS is barely in the 20% mark. Let’s talk A9 chip; the chip that runs circle’s around anything Android has.

    Apple’s doing great we when consider the poor state of its competitors.

  • Bart

    I think we should all start our own blogs and start applying their tactics to the other products. Such as the implications of the ‘law’ of ‘large numbers’ on Amazon’s P/E. Or the fact that when MSFT said they sold out, it was only for 10,000 units, and the rest were lost in a factory in Singapore. Ronald McDonald is unemployed now, we can get him to be our own personal Rob Enderle.

  • CNET referred to the quarter as “ho hum”

  • Gest2016

    Apple is spending record levels on R&D this year. I think even the most wildly optimistic analysts don’t understand what is afoot here. There is potential for Apple to add value to almost every segment of the world economy, we are looking at opportunities in the trillions. Apple has only just begun.

  • GS

    Maybe it is the law of desperately needing clicks.. right after the financials, of 20 headlines, all pretty much stating the facts (which are pretty damn positive), Bloomberg had “Apple’s Forecast for Holiday Sales Fall Short of Some Estimates”. They had to dig deep for that one.

  • isitjustme

    24/7 have been very negative about Apple since time memorial and I have stopped reading their trash ages ago especially anything written by their top dog douglas mcintyre.

  • There might be a case for accusing Apple of brand extension, but little else. Personally I do think Apple’s brand is diluting and of course markets diverge anyway. Certainly nothing for anyone to care about. Not yet.

  • dorkus_maximus

    Hey, that 24/7 Wall Street article was being kind. After all, in another 12 billion years or so, the sun will flame out and all life on earth will come to an end. Apple’s profits will be sure to plummet then.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Can the “beleaguered” epithet be far behind?

  • Starman_Andromeda

    How is Apple’s brand “diluting”?!! Perhaps if they were licensing their name to all sorts of 3rd party products, you’d have a case, but nothing like that is happening.

    “brand extension”?! Because they’re making huge profits and introduced the Apple Watch, a new version of the Apple TV and a bigger iPad?! Please explain! Only if they had introduced a half dozen or more brand new, different prodcpuctd or applied the Apple label to scores of other products would there be a case for *extension* or *dilution*!

    In any even, likely most companies in the world would want their brands “diluted” or “extended” the same way!

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