You're entering a place where everything is kept very, very simple. This isn't out of disrespect for your intelligence, it's just a recognition of reality: complicated things make you sleepy, irritable and less likely to agree with me. You're only human.

The simple truth
Simplicity works wonders. It's satisfying, motivating and seductive. Every company talks about it, but few achieve it. I grew up working with the Masters of Simplicity: I learned to write under Jay Chiat and spent many years creating advertising for Steve Jobs. My job is to make things simple.

Here's the problem
For every person trying to simplify, there are ten people trying to muck things up. Fortunately, simplicity has a few secret weapons that help make it a fair fight: intelligence, creativity and perseverance.

What I do
I write. I'm the author of Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success. I blog. Come visit for the latest in technology and marketing at Ken Segall's Observatory. I create. My latest effort was the Ellen DeGeneres campaign for JCPenney that debuted on the Oscars. I consult, usually about branding and naming issues. And I amuse (at least I try to). Along with partner Michael Rylander, I'm responsible for the content of the fake Apple news site, Scoopertino.

Have a look around
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