Classmates H

Haladun, M. Donna

Hall Viesti, Diane

Halper, Jeffrey (
Married my College Honey AMY – 45 YEARS!! My business JH PAPER Co., Fairfield, NJ celebrated our 20th Year Anniversary on 10/20/17. We have 2 married Children Carrie & Michael. We have Five Grandchildren (Sophie, Alivia, Sam, Jason and Bennett). We Still live in Livingston and our children All went to school and graduated from LHS TOO. I think I have gone to All the previous Reunions and Totally look forward to this 50TH especially!!!! (Last update 9/5/17) 40th Reunion attendee.

Hardman Kocur, Terry
Married 29+ years to Bill Kocur (LHS 66), one daughter, Connie (LHS 02) currently fine arts major at Wm Paterson Univ, plans to teach HS fine arts. I am a 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatcher with Livingston Police 22 years, looking forward to RETIREMENT!! Husband HS Architectural/CAD teacher Montville HS. Have three antique cars (one is MINE, one we share, and one is TOTALLY his!) Still in Livingston after all these years, but looking forward to relocating after retirement in Delaware or Maryland. (Livingston ain’t what is used to be, and I can’t wait to leave!) (Last update 4/27/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Harris, Alan
Living in the Naples, Florida area full-time after having spent 29 years in Ridgefield, CT. Happily married for nearly 34 years to Dee, a Registered Dietitian with a thriving private practice. Two children. Julie 29, a University of Virginia graduate who played on UVA’s soccer team, now in Hospitality Industry. Son Paul, 27, played on U.S. Men’s National under-18 Hockey Team and graduated from the University of Notre Dame where he played on Men’s Hockey Team. He is getting married in May and works for Medtronic. I am with Prudential Financial in their Corporate Real Estate Group. Also spent 11 years with Merrill Lynch. My two proudest achievements are my family and being a cancer survivor. Dee and I enjoy travel, visiting our kids, fitness, our many friends, and living the unique and wonderful Naples lifestyle! We’ve been truly blessed! (Last update 3/20/08)

Harrop, Susan

Hart Carver, Mary Jane (DeeDee)
So sadly, left in my junior year. Graduated in Columbus GA (that sucked). Attended and Graduated University of South Carolina. Loved that! Met my NY husband, married and here we are 35 years later. Missed everyone so much my senior year. Hope to reunite at reunion. I am caring for my Mom and Dad in FL as my Mom was very sick last week. After she gets stronger I will be moving them to Charlotte N.C. So my life is up in the air for now. (Last update 4/16/07)

Hasbrouck, Charles

Hasbrouck, Susan
Loving life in Florida, but we do come up from FL. usually in the fall to see the families and friends. (Last update 4/5/07)

Hauptman, Alan
Living in beautiful downtown Kunkletown, PA for the past 32 years. Married for 37 years to classmate Lynne Milne. We have two children and two granddaughters. We have owned and operated a vending company for the past 25 years. (Last update 5/30/07)

Hausbach, Samuel

Hazen, Barbara

Heavener, Christine

Helfont, Rand

Heller, Emily

Henning, Jack
Retired from the Postal Service after 27 years of service and only 48 years old, divorced twice with two children from each marriage, I felt a geographic change was in order. After careful consideration I choose Greensboro, North Carolina. I enjoy kayaking on Lake Jeannete, within walking distance of my residence, and will eventually pursue golf, since NC is well known for its beautiful golf courses. In the meantime to keep myself occupied, I do some security work at the Greensboro coliseum on concert nights, work p/t for a home-health care agency, and drive p/t for a company that drops off and picks up the elderly around town so they can make it to all their doctors appointments. And with each client’s doctor’s approval, and of course with the transport company’s ok, every Friday night after my last p/u we stop at the local pizza joint and have a pizza party, which includes pitchers of beer for each table. What a “BLAST” we have!! Hope to see you all at the reunion!!!!! (Last updated 1/27/08)

Herer, Paul

Hersch, Ronald

Heydecke, Mark

Hicks Babcock, Maria
I’m in Real Estate and have been for 20 years. I have a lovely home in Netcong. I keep in touch with many LHS graduates from many different classes. My husband and I have no kids, but we are getting a Golden Retreiver in five weeks. She was born 4/11 and we’ll be calling her Madison. Real interesting, huh??????? (Last updated 4/27/07)

Higgins Cavezza, Patricia

Higgins, Robert
Attorney, Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.  Married, three adult children. (Last update 7/21/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Hillman, Helene

Hirschel, Ron (
I’ve changed my first name to Timex. I take a licking and keep on tIcking. I have been very fortunate, I have two great adult children. One is married and the other is in a relationship. In June 2018, I will be married 45 years. No grandchildren yet, but maybe someday. I am blessed by my continuing relationships with Jeff Halper, Larry Stempler, Ron Mayer and Doug Scarth. The last three married women from our class. Shirley and Linda still remain good friends. I have been to every reunion and if my luck holds out, I will be at the 50th. I hope all our classmates from my neighborhood will be there, including Helene, Kenny, Mindy! Scott, Joan, Eddie, Jimmy, Sue, Rich and Steve, Bill, Gordon, Dale and anyone I forgot – Go Harrison. (Last updated 10/22/17) 40th Reunion attendee.

Hoesley, Jill

Hoffman Olivier, Hilary
After graduation I worked at several different businesses around town and in the evenings I went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. I loved it. Took a road trip in 1977 and traveled all around the U.S. We got to San Diego and I stayed. I’ve lived here ever since. I’m a paralegal and legal secretary, married to Don, writer of screenplays and master carpenter, no children but adore my nieces and nephews. For fun I bike, walk, go to the beach, travel, meditate, do mosaic art, follow the Chargers and Padres, and I love entertaining and cooking for friends. We spend the holidays each year with family in either New Jersey or Louisiana. See you at the reunion! (Last updated 8/8/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Holden, Janice

Hopping, Melissa

Howard, Gary

From Don Davidson (5/17/08)
Gary Howard was a friend of mine going back to our grammar school days in the Mount Vernon school in Newark, New Jersey. We both loved basketball, and we had pickup games at the Mt. Vernon playground courts. He was a fun guy with a great sense of humor. I remember he told me he was very close with his dad. We both moved from Newark to Livingston in our high school days. I was shocked when Gary died, since it was such a young age. Shortly after I heard about it, I had a dream that I saw Gary. It must have been a way of dealing with the loss of a nice friend.

Howarth, Pam

Huber Desch, Beverly
I’ve been married 34 years to classmate Peter Desch. We have two married daughters (Xan 31 and Karlsson 29), one an attorney in DC, the other a science teacher in Texas. I was Associate Director of Student Life and Leadership Development at Kean University for 24 years. I am now Auction Advocate for Rago/Sollo Auctions and CEO of Fabricanes LLC (fabric covered and designer canes). I’m a certified scuba diver, former National Ski Patrol, enjoy hiking and traveling anywhere (we spent our children’s inheritance traveling with them when they were young). We’ve lived in a 100+-year-old Victorian home for 30 years, spending a lot of time restoring it. We welcome visitors so stop by and see us in our quaint tourist town of 4,000 on the Delaware River. (Last updated 8/5/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Hunziker McDermott, Leigh