Classmates K

Kaplan, Mark

Kaplan, Billy
I just celebrated my 33rd wedding anniversary August 2nd and am proud to say that my beautiful wife has been my secret to success. Just look at our website and you will know how I spend my days. Our daughters Emily and Sarah both live in Hoboken these days and each has her own amazing career in the Big Apple. Life is good! (Last update 8/9/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kapp Meth, Claire Ellen
I have been happily married to Alvin Meth, from Newark, for 33 years. We have four grown children and a great life in Plano, TX, a suburb of Dallas. Charna is a geologist in D.C, Ben is a financial planner in Dallas, Richard is a software engineer in Dallas, and Sarah is a sophomore at U of Ariz. I have been in Sales Support for many years and looking forward to retiring. We love our life in Texas and look back to life in NJ with fond memories. (Last update 5/10/07)

Karpoff, Michael
After graduating from Rutgers with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, I changed my intended career – twice. With a master’s degree from Boston University in public relations, I worked in that field for three years full time and then for three years part time while attending Rutgers Law School. I received my law degree in 1980 and have been practicing law ever since, first as a deputy attorney general and then in private practice. I’ve been a partner at Hill Wallack LLP in Princeton, NJ for 12 years. My wife Susan and I have been married for almost 35 years and live in Highland Park. She’s a psychologist for the State. We have three children: Alana, 28, lives in New York and handles press relations for a Broadway production company. Joshua, 24, is married to Adina, lives in Silver Spring, MD, and works for the Department of Justice. Rachel, 19, will be a freshman at Brandeis University in the fall, after having spent a year studying in Israel. I look forward to seeing everyone at our 40th. (Last update 8/13/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kaufman, Lee
After graduating from Medical School I trained in Internal Medicine and the subspecialty of Rheumatology. I spent many years in full-time academic medicine at SUNY Stony Brook in New York and then joined a rheumatology practice in Livingston affiliated with Saint Barnabas Medical Center. My wife Marjorie (of 36 years) and I now live on the Upper West Side of NYC and our two sons (Josh, 30 and Adam, 26) are pursuing careers in music and film. I still love Bob Dylan. (Last update 1/12/08)

Kay Rockman, Liz
Went to Syracuse, then U. of Miami. Got married, had a great daughter, wrong husband. Happily re-married now. Taught special education for 20 years, took early retirement but ended up only taking a year off. Went back to work this year at a facility for challenged youth coming from jail or court-mandated to be in school, kids who are homeless, some residential, some day students… all facing difficulties in many different ways. It’s a very challenging population to be working with and I love it. (Last update 3/21/07)

Keer, David
With a political science degree in hand from Muhlenburg College, I decided not to go to law school. Instead, I traveled the eastern seaboard with a carnival for two seasons. In 1974 I followed some carny friends to Dallas and have been here ever since. After that season in the weeds, I met and married a great woman with two young kids and rejoined the mainstream world. We were married almost 15 years when I lost her to lung cancer. I met and married another wonderful woman a year and a half later. Rhonda had lost her husband of many years to heart disease. The circumstances of our meeting were a real “God thing.” Our family now includes three married children and five grandchildren. We live on a small acreage in Lucas, TX – a suburb of Plano that is a suburb of Dallas. – with two dogs and two horses. I’ve earned my living selling semiconductors, always based in Dallas, and covering most all of North America at one time or another. Some of you will remember my Dad, Richard Keer. He and Mom live in Florida. I know Dad would love to hear from any of his former students. He loves the LHS68 web site. See you all in September (Last update 8/8/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kelly Schartz, Jean

Kendler, Scott
In 1973 I went to Europe and ended up living in Copenhagen, Denmark until 1979. I was then transferred to Sydney, Australia where I’ve been until now. I married an Aussie and have a 32-year-old son, Jared, and an 29-year-old daughter, Alizah. My family including my mother were at the 40th Reunion. I have an importing and wholesaling business, but spend quite a bit of time playing golf. I have seen Ken Segall a few times in Sydney since the 40th. I plan on attending the 50th. (Last update 10/13/17) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kent, Shelley

Kesselman, Michael

Kimmins, John
40th Reunion attendee.

Kirschenbaum Suckno, Judy
I’ve been living in Boynton Beach, FL since 2002 with my wonderful husband of 38 years who many of you know from LHS. We have a daughter, 31, living in CT and a son, 25, a CPA, who lives about two miles away with his girlfriend (high hopes for this relationship). We love it here. Moving was one of the best things we have ever done. Oh, and so was taking up golf! (Last update 1/28/09)

Klarman Jones, Cheryl
40th Reunion attendee.

Kleinwaks Hertzberg, Lorrie
40th Reunion attendee.

Knapp, Joseph
A “brief” bio is really not possible. Suffice to say that other than a few years going to college in Colorado, my address has always been somewhere in northern NJ. I am married to a beautiful lady and have two kids. Our daughter is starting college in September, 2007 and our son is a junior at Parsippany Hills High (we started later than most of you). After a 30-year career in Corporate Accounting I took the proverbial “package” when Pfizer bought Warner Lambert. Since 2001 I have been golfing, skiing and doing a few real estate appraisals to pay for my sports. Just waiting for the kids to go off to college and then who knows what? (Last update 8/7/07)

Kundson Cummings, Buff
Hello all. I am well and still working part time nursing at a middle school, but spend most of my time preparing for teaching Bible Study at my Methodist church (30 women weekly). Still happily married (35 years now) to Roger Cummings, attorney in Detroit area. We have four grown children: one still in college, one aspiring to Broadway, two married, one grandchild and one on the way. Last LHS reunion I went to was our 20th. I still keep in touch with Linda Kohl and Becky Gompf but look forward to the 40th to see more folks! (Last update 12/11/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kockler Cole, Janet
Up until February, 2007, I worked as a Nurse Practitioner at Livingston Derm. Lived in West Caldwell for the past 24 years. (Last update 9/16/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kocur, Susan

Kohl-Orton, Linda Jeanne
After college at U. Wisc., I met my husband Bill Orton in Durham, NC. His jobs in the chemical industry have taken us to S. Carolina, Germany, back to SC, Pennsylvania and finally in 1996 to NJ. Our son Nick arrived in 1979. He lives/works in NYC and is marrying the lovely Daria in July. Yeah! I have worked as a medical artist, graphic artist, framer and fine artist. Now I am traveling a lot with Bill and seeing more of the world. I plan to attend the reunion in September and the check is in the mail… (Last update 3/21/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kohl Smith, Linda Susan

Kolarsick, Martin

(Marty passed away at the start of 2017. He wrote this bio for our site 10 years ago.)
After High School enlisted in Navy for two years,then went to work for 2 Guys Dept. store for seven years then to my family Plastic Moulding Buisness where I am currently. In the meantime, got married in ’80 to my wife whom I met through my cousin. Been Blessed with two children, a boy 24-1/2 anda girl 23 who is by the getting married on June 7th, 2008.

Korzun, Linda

Kosowski Bauman, Karol
I have been happily married to my husband Robert since 1971. We have three great children- Troy 32, a high school science teacher (married to Staci), Abby 25, a third-grade teacher and Chad 21, a college student. We also have a beautiful two-year-old granddaughter Olivia. I keep busy with my many hobbies and my job working in the accounting field. (Last update 4/7/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Koss, James
I am a radiologist in Medford,NJ and have been married since 1973 to Adrienne Casciano (LHS’69).We have two daughters,both artists. (Last update 1/13/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kotler, Lawrence

Kravitz, Heidi
This reunion has been expertly and lovingly planned. What a great effort! Forty years later I am old, gray and still complaining. Live in Newfoundland, Canada since 1974, love international travel and Leonard Cohen (saw him in concert a few weeks ago.) Met up with world-famous Louie Fink in NYC a few years ago. That was a treat. I have one husband, two daughters, three dogs, one guinea pig and a practice in Ob/Gyn affiliated with the medical school here. We have great air, icebergs and a thriving art scene. Come see. Am planning to attend the reunion (with trepidation). It will be wonderful! (Last update 6/12/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kravitz, Lois
50th Reunion attendee.

Krebs, Nancy

Kreedian Longo, Andrea
Married (I think I got it right this time), no kids. Retired from the insurance business in 2003. Live most of the year in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, but New Jersey is home for me. (Updated 12/1/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Kreinberg, Jane
After college, I lived in Chicago for 11 years, then moved back to NJ for 15 years. In Jan. of 1999, my life partner of 32 years, Trish, and I sold our chiropractic practice and hit the road in an RV. We’ve been traveling ever since, and loving it! I’ve played drums & percussion in many bands over the years, and still play when I get the chance. Since we’ve been on the road, we’ve done some work with Habitat for Humanity, especially rebuilding in New Orleans. Life is good – good friends, lots of music festivals, beaches and art. We’ve also traveled in Europe, Hong Kong & China, Israel and the Caribbean. (Last update 4/30/07)

Kreitzman, Howard

Kroner, Burt

Kruge, Penilyn)
Retired from my cherished career of teaching, and author of Hooked on Languages. I’ve been proud of my education at LHS. (Last update 1/23/08) 40th Reunion attendee.