Classmates L

LaBeaume Hearty, Deborah
Settled down and married in 1981 and am still married. I have one lovely adult daughter. Currently, we live in the beautiful river community of Frenchtown, NJ. I am employed at Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, as an Administrative Assistant to the Finance Director & CFO. I am also involved in local government, holding the title of Frenchtown Borough Council Woman. My interests and hobbies are endless, as I try to enjoy and experience “everything” that time allows. Hope to see you at the reunion! (Last update 4/20/07)

La Ferrara, Frederick

La Ferrera, Virginia
Still married to Lee, have three children and six grandchildren who still live and work in the Livingston area.
Five years ago I reached my goal in life and moved to an island in southwest Florida and became a beach bum. I have a great part time job and the rest of the time you can find me across the street on the beach. (Last update 1/23/08)

Lane, Pamela

Larson, Steve

Laurilliard Locascio, Diane

Leddy, Sharon

Lemmerman, Marc

Lenox Smith, Ellen (
I had a long career in education before I had to retire due to health issues. I live with Ehlers-Danios Syndrome and several other chronic conditions, which has inspired me to become a voice for patients living with pain. I’ve authored multiple books, frequently speak to the media on behalf of the pain community and travel across the country to spread the word about the benefits of medical cannabis. I live on a small farm in Scituate, Rhode Island with my husband, Stuart. We’ve been married for  42 years!  We’re proud parents of four adult children and three grandsons and our first granddaughter. I’m also an organic gardener and, prior to my disability, I was a master swimmer, high school swim coach and eighth-grade middle school social studies teacher. (Last update 0/9/17) 40th Reunion attendee.

Levy, Barbara
So, it was too funny when several people asked if I knew I was on the Lost List, due to the fact that I’ve lived in the same house in Livingston since marrying Ron Mayer (class of ’67) in 1973, and I’ve been to every reunion. A little boring, maybe, and no, I haven’t grown. We have three wonderful children. Harlan, 30, just got married in March to a lovely girl, lives in Manhattan and workds in finance. Justin, 27, also lives in Manhattan with his girlfriend and works in finance. Meredith, 17 (yes, same husband), will be a senior at LHS, and has had Amy Saffer for two years and also Freddie Bearg Glucksman as teachers. Scary. I got my degree in Music Ed. but never used it professionally, although my kids are all very musical and I’ve helped them where I could. I was an assistant in a pre-school and taught ceramics at a day camp for years and for the last three years I’ve been an assistant Special Ed teacher at an elementary school in Morristown. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in September. (Last update 6/26/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Lewis, Joseph

Leib Feldman, Caren
Since graduating LHS I have had the fun of living in a variety of states and communities with one wonderful husband, Paul Feldman, for the past almost 36 years. I am presently living in Baltimore, MD, and on the faculty at Loyola College as the Director of their Speech and Hearing Center. I am the mother of two wonderful children, Shane and Mimi, both who have married their perfect mates, Julie and Lee. However, our greatest joy is our granddaughter Sabine who is two years old. I look forward to attending the reunion with my close friends Lois and Freddie. (Updated 11/5/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Liedtke Klotz, Lois (Gina)(
1970 married Englishman, had son, lived in England. Returned to States with son and married a flight instructor from Millburn in 1975. Ran a nutritional business 9 yrs., returned to college for respiratory therapy. We built home in Hunterdon County next to airport where I flew sailplanes. Son graduated Rutgers and Bill and I moved to a beach town south of Sarasota, Florida in 1998. I now managed our 18 rental units and am back in college for degree in Theology. Son gave us a grandson, now 14 and a granddaughter, now 12 that reside in NY State. (Last update 9/10/17) 40th Reunion attendee.

Lipkin, Douglas
Self-employeed general contractor living in N. California since 1970, Married (3x’s). Current wife Dayna, third time is a charm. Three kids. Daughter, Kristi, 35, living in Washington Statewith/ two kids. Son,Ryan 20, junior year attending University of San Francisco, Drafted last year by the L.A. Angels but wanted to finish college first. Daughter, Dayna high school senior, into horses and jumping in competition, and raising and showing sheep in the local FFA programs at fairs. Still enjoy the outdoors which is easy to do given where we live. We are looking forward to the reunion and seeing who can still be recognized. (Last update 11/4/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Lisowski, Donna

Littell, Robert
Chiropractor (Last update 11/27/07)

Little Jackson, Denise (
Married Living in Budd Lake, NJ. Retired elementary school teacher. 2 sons – 2 grandsons.
Life is good! (Last update 9/5/17)

Logan Molinaro, Linda
I’m living in Stroudsburg, PA. with my husband of almost 35 years. I have two married sons and 3 beautiful grandchildren. (Last update 3/17/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Lomax, Ken
Joined the Navy after high school, then went back to school and met my wife Robyn (married 31 years). I graduated with my BS in Business Admin and worked for 17 years with Jersey Central Power & Light Co., then took an early retirement. We have three great kids, now adults: my son Sean (married) and 2 daughters Kristy and Heather. All three have Bachelors degrees and Heather has completed her Masters. I appeared briefly (don’t sneeze or you will miss it) in the movie The Royal Tennenbaums and I’m now waiting for my next right script. For the past six yearsI’ve been working back where I was in high school, as Recreation Supervisor of the Livingston Recreation & Parks Department. I have come full circle. (Last update 3/25/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Lombardo, William
What a great website. My hat’s off to all who managed to put this whole idea together. After LHS, spent four great years at Bradley University in Illinois. Came back to NJ to get drafted in fall ’72. Moved back to Chicago after active duty. Got hired for Sales/Marketing position with Chrysler Corp. I have worked for them ever since, all over the Midwest, and have been in Texas for the last 15 yrs. 10 in Houston. Last five in Dallas — it’s been a very interesting “ride.” Along the way I picked up one MBA, one great wife Nancy (a Tennis Pro), two fine daughters Elyse and Lauren — one in college, one almost ready to go. A taste for sailing from some college buddies (all around the Great Lakes and some in ths Caribbean). Need to get one kid out of college and then I can go sailing full time (2010). Sorry to see so many of our class no longer with us. (Last update 1/31/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Lutsky Bork, Linda
I moved to central Florida in 2005 and retired in 2006. Although my husband passed away in 2010, his children and grandson, who live nearby, are a major part of my life. I am president of the synagogue, a time-consuming but rewarding job. In my spare time I am active in many of the clubs at my active adult community. I love to travel, and try to take one major trip each year, in addition to many cruises and shorter trips. I am one busy lady! (Last update 8/27/12) 40th Reunion attendee.

Lynch, Joyce