Classmates S

Saboya Smoak, Suely
I was an exchange student from Brasil in 68. Since then, I came back to the United States, got married, had two children and now two beautiful grandchildren. I have been a paralegal for the State of Florida for the past 20 years. (Last update 4/27/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Sachere, Wendy

Sackin Alston, Rhonda
Shortly after graduation I moved to Miami to become a flight attendant with Eastern Airlines. It was a truly great 18 years of my life. During that time I married, had two great kids and divorced. When Eastern folded in ’89 I made an extreme about-face and joined the corporate world. I’ve been with the same company (a well established land development firm) ever since and have climbed the corporate ladder to the executive suite. I lost touch with everyone from LHS when I headed south all those years ago so I’m very excited about this opportunity to reconnect! (Last update 3/29/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Saffer, Amy
40th Reunion attendee.

Saggese, Anthony
I have been married for almost 33 years to my college sweetheart, Sue. I have a son, Matthew, 30, and and daughter, Emily, 26. I have been a real estate broker for over 34 years and am looking forward to retirement. (Last update 5/6/07)

Simon, Malvina

Spiegel Brody, Simone
40th Reunion attendee.


Stykitus Zapf, Marianne

Samberg, Mark
Lucked out with one wife and two adult children who are well on their way. (Last update 3/24/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Santucci, Anthony

Sari, Ellen

Sari, Michael
In self-imposed exile. Last seen selling his paintings on a beach in California, circa 2007. View video.

Sarn, Paul
I am found also, makes me feel better. Forty years does fly by quickly.married 2x, divorced for 16 in there somewhere. Have lived in California two years, New Mexico one year, Arizona 4fourears, North Dakota five years, Texas 21 years and back in Jersey for the past seven years. Not in that order but altogether. Have two children, 35 and 28 years old, and one grandchild. Have two golden retrievers and two cats now. When in Texas I had two horses. Graduated from University of North Dakota with a BFA. Have had a good life I guess, as I am still kickin’. Have been back in Jersey for the past seven years, and it was by choice I came back. Missed the seasons although winter is not as i remembered it to be, but nothing really ever is the same. Live in really northern New Jersey, almost in New York and almost Pennsylvania (though by checking the taxes i am sure it is New Jersey). Have had three jobs two each for 15 years and the new one only a year, guess I bore easily. Will commit this week to attend the reunion and want to thank those that found me. Appreciate the hard work you all are doing. Catch you all later. (Last update 2/8/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Saslow, Jody (
I’m still alive. (Last update 10/13/17) 40th Reunion attendee.

Scarlett, Debbie
40th Reunion attendee. Updated photo 9/20/08.

Scarponcini, Paul

Schantz, Sandy (
My dog Pecan Sandie and my cat Kippi died a week apart. It sucks getting old (them, not me). I am still doing the same thing as 10 years ago. Same girl friend but new Samoyed dog named Maaike. As my last girlfriend who is dead now said about me “I am not ambitious”. Well I’m still here and she’s not. One more thing, if you’re a Trump fan then fuck off. Love, Sandy, Class Non-Conformist and proud of it. (Updated 9/7/17) 40th Reunion attendee.

Scheifele Toombs, Jean

Scheper, William

Schiele Diehl, Elizabeth
Married for 29 years to Rolf Diehl (Diehl Electrical Contracting). Life in Parsippany, NJ. Have 22-year-old twins Sonja and Andreas. Work in Bloomfield for a catering company. (Last update 4/17/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Schifferes, Stephen
I have been based in London ever since 1972 when I went to do a year of graduate school in comparative labour history. I enjoy the city with its arts and cultural diversity, and even the food has now improved. I have three wonderful children who have just grown up, Jonathan (23), Sam and Paul (twins of 19) and a wonderful wife Caroline with whom I have just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Caroline manages the social policy research programme for a leading charity here (Help the Aged, similar to AARP). We met through our mutual belief that social activism did not have to exclude enjoyment of the good things in life. Jonathan works as an urban planner, devleoping ecotowns, after graduating from Cambridge and Harvard. Paul is just going to Nottingham University to study life sciences and Sam is the deputy manager of a child care centre and studying for his child care qualification. All three live at home, given the high house prices in London! I have been a television journalist for most of my time in the UK, after a period of political activism working on issues of homelessness and third world development. I have covered a wide range of issues, from UK and US elections and summits to greenhouse gases and social policy. For the last ten years I have been the economics correspondent for the BBC News website,, currently covering the subprime crisis, the credit crunch and and its economic ramifications. I maintained a tie to Livingston for 50 years as my parents still lived at 92 Belmont Drive until my mother passed away in 2006. My sister Sande lives in Washington so I still visit the US frequently both for work and pleasure. (Updated 7/15/08) NEW NEWS: After 20 years as a journalist at the BBC, I am leaving to become the Marjorie Dean Professor of Financial Journalism at London City University, setting up and running a new MA course in financial journalism (the first of its kind in Britain). (Last update 8/16/09) 40th Reunion attendee.

Schillin Birkitt, Barbara
Married to Rob Birkitt 25 years, with two children, Emily and Geoffrey. The kids came to us from Korea and it’s been a very interesting and rewarding experience over the last 20 years. Currently Operations/Sales Manager for a boutique Real Estate Agency in Summit, NJ. Still love music (especially jazz). On the Board of the Suburban Community Music Center. Often found singing backup for rock bands. Passionate walker (with my black lab, Devil Dog). Still in touch with Cathy Richman-Seggel and Dail Weinberger and very excited about seeing old friends again, as Lou’s “grassroots movement” has put me in touch with people I didn’t really know in Livingston.  Let the games begin! (Last update 3/10/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Schmerzler, Laura
After graduation, I moved to the Chicago area where I first studied liberal arts and later graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in painting. That is where I met my husband Joel and we married in 1981. We have an art business specializing in antique natural history art with galleries in Chicago and Charleston. I am most directly involved with designing, editing and co-writing our catalogues and other print materials. We have two wonderful children. David (25) graduated from Brandeis and works with us as an art conservator, and Arielle (21) is a senior at Indiana University, Bloomington. We live in a 19th-century farmhouse that we have been remodeling over the years. When I am not chained to my computer, I can be found happily weeding the garden, which calls to me most every day. Other milestones of the past 40 years include becoming an adult bat mitzvah, enough travel to make home seem like a great place, and having a kidney transplant (my very own miracle!). We have had various pets. Currently, Abram and Alex, Arielle’s kitties, lounge by my computer as I work. When I first arrived here 40 years ago, the land seemed flat and I kept comparing everything to the snappy rhythm of life in the NY metro area. But Chicago proved welcoming, with wonderful friends and ample opportunity to work and pursue one’s dreams. Congratulations and many thanks to Lou Fink et al for creating such a great website and for organizing this amazing reunion! I regret that I can’t join you. September is always a difficult time for me to get away because I am in the throes of preparing the catalogue for press on tight deadline, but I wish you all well and hope you have a wonderful time! (Last update 9/18/08)

Schneiderman, Larry

Schnell, James

From Pat Gesek Macaluso (5/20/08)
We started off in Kindergarten together along with Anita Glick (thanks for sharing your memories), Jeanne Coull, Eleanor Overath and others. I still have the class picture and darn if we don’t all look so cute! Then some of us went off to St. Phil’s. You really got to know just about everyone in St. Phil’s since there were only two classes for each grade. Who could forget walking home through the path in the woods behind the church; or hanging out in those same woods and the boys building a club house; or exploring all the different paths (the woods seemed so big); or sharing a smoke behind St. Joseph’s Hall, where there were the remnants of a building foundation? In high school we ran in different circles and I’m sorry that we never reconnected. I heard how he died but didn’t want to believe it. I will never forget that cute smile, blue eyes and oh so blonde hair. Jimbo was a gentle soul and it saddens me to think he’s no longer here.

From Bill Todd (5/20/08)
I used to surf a lot down the shore with Jim Schnell and Jim Mariani, the Dowds, Jim Snyder and others. We were into the ocean, the rhythms, and the thrill, etc. Jim was as I remember a go-for-it kind of surfer with a great attitude and heart. He was fun to be with and to use an adjective of the time, radical. And if you have ever watched Big Wednesday, the movie about surfing and friends, and are a true surfer, you know that the essence of surfing was (and is) being with your friends and sharing the experience, ’cause friends are all we really have besides our families. I am truly sorry to hear that Jim is no longer with us and will try to ride some waves this summer in his memory.

From Paul Sarn (4/11/08)
Jimmie, where to start — surfboards, skateboards, hangin’ with mar’ at the shore, always a ton of fun, laugh with you or at you. Jim had a quieter side and really had a lot of depth, even though he did not want to show it, if he studied as much as he played , he would have been more brilliant then he was… always would help a friend and once you were one with him you always were…. i did not totally understand Jim, and I doubt anyone did, but he was straightforward and a fun human being, who will be missed by everyone that he touched.

From Anita Glick (4/27/08)
Jimbo Schnell was my neighbor and first crush. We were both in Mrs. Moller’s kindergarten at Monmouth Court School. Alas, Jim liked Patty Gesek, who was pretty and as blonde as he was. Not that it made much difference–he attended elementary school at St. Philomena’s, and we didn’t see much of him until 7th grade. By that time, Jimbo was trying to be a “hood,” unsuccessfully for the most part. Early in the school year, Michele Cobb and I watched him anxiously check his reflection in the window of the side door at LHS Junior High as he attempted to comb his hair straight back into a D.A. His cornsilk locks kept parting in the middle, rather spoiling the intended effect.

Jim ran in a different circle than I during high school, but by the time the college years rolled around, he was one of the few people I could count on seeing when I’d come home for vacations. He was a good kid looking for his path in life. He practiced yoga and spent a summer at a yoga ashram. He, his buddies, and I sampled the era’s recreational drugs and sought answers from the I Ching together. Jim experienced a religious conversion and enrolled at Moody Bible Institute, but the program wasn’t right for him and he dropped out. He developed a passion for gardening; I came home one summer to learn that he had rototilled his parents’ back yard and planted the entire thing with rows of corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and squash. When my dad expressed admiration, Jim offered to turn over our side yard. Then Jim went to Force Farms, loaded up the huge trunk of his car with well-seasoned, dried horse manure, and helped ! my father spread the black gold. Three times. My father never had such a wonderful crop of vegetables.

Jim worked for a landscaper for a while, but he wasn’t well, and he wasn’t happy. Turned out he was allergic to just about everything involved with gardening, including manure. His mother Helene died of cancer. I’m not sure what happened after that, but in 1976, when my father came to visit me in Washington, he bore sad news. Jim had committed suicide.

Twenty-six is a hard age. You think you’re supposed to have it all together by then. When that doesn’t happen despite continued, sincere effort, despair can set in, especially in the bad old days before good antidepressants were available. I always assumed that that was what happened to Jim. I was sad for him then, for his father, for his closest friends. He was a kind and gentle soul. Now I’m sad for myself, too. I would have liked catching up with him at our fortieth reunion.

Schoenberger, Steven
Somehow I landed here on the Connecticut coastline (love of sailing and surfing) after many years in New Orleans (before the storm). I am a surgeon specializing in urologic cancer surgery, now in private practice in CT after being on the medical school faculty at Tulane for a few years. I am divorced for many years and have raised a daughter, by myself, who will be off to college in the Fall. I would love to get together with any and all who have the emotional strength for another reunion! (Last update 3/25/07)

Schoenfeldt, John

Schorr Hirsch, Marcie
Partner in a boutique management consulting firm located outside of Boston. Married (37 years…to the same person!) with two children. Came to Boston to go to undergraduate school at Brandeis, got a Master’s degree at Tufts and a doctorate at Harvard. Write regularly on workplace issues (books and magazines.) Enjoy time traveling and at our house on Cape Cod. (Last update 4/28/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Schrader Schroeder, Bonnie
Married 25 years with three children (2 girls, 1 boy) and 2 dogs (Deacon & Shakespeare). Live on an island off the coast of NC, teach middle school Health and PE, and coach soccer, volleyball and track. Husband, Gary, is a retired corporate exec who is presently teaching middle school. Oldest daughter, Brooke, is a teacher married to an F-18 Marine Corps Pilot. Stacey is graduating from Elon University in 2007 with a degree in special education. Scott is a sophomore at NC State University. (Last update 4/23/07)

Schultz, Diana

Schusterman, Alan

Schwartz, Michael
I never graduated from LHS because I was spirited away against my will and forced to spend my senior year in a school in Missouri. In my mind I am Class of 1968, LHS, I attended the 25th Reunion, and I really look forward to the 40th. Since those days at LHS … After a stint in acedemia until 1981, I quit the university system and started a software company in 1981. I sold that in 1997 and started a “telescope farm” in Arizona. Now, in addition to being a lighthouse keeper, I travel as a photojournalist. I was married for 25 years but was finally freed by a band of escaped chimpanzees. (Last update 6/29/07).

Schweiger Kerr, Janet

Scott, John
I have been married to Laurie Peterman (LHS69) for almost 36 years, and we have two boys (one of them married), both living in NY/NJ. Still working for Exxon Mobil, after 33 years, and currently in the Dallas area. We have also lived in Houston, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, and NJ twice. Since most of our family is still in the NJ/NY area, we get up there a few times a year. Have some great memories of high school days, and hope to see everyone at the reunion. (Last update 3/8/08) 40th Reunion attendee.

Seagull Leviton, Andi

Seebald, Walter
40th Reunion attendee.

Segal, Joan
Not interested.

Segall, Ken
Ah, the good old days. Hair. Then again, it was kind of funny-looking hair, wasn’t it. Whatever, I’m well beyond that now. Went to Penn State, tried to make it as a drummer for 7 years that followed, and was ultimately lured into advertising. Smitten by the tech bug, I ended up being Steve Jobs’s ad man for 12 years. Based on that experience, I wrote a NY Times bestseller about the power of simplicity. I still do the ad thing, but spend most of my time traveling the world as a speaker. It wasn’t until last year that I took my own advice. I sold the house, most of my possessions and started a vastly simpler life in Long Island City, NY.  (Last update 9/12/17) 40th Reunion attendee.

Semler, G.J.
Married into a family of 14 with 3 children of my own (all grown, 2 boys and a girl. Looking forward to retirement by 2010, hopefully on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. where we have a 2nd home. I have worked in the financial operations side of business with Mobil Chemical, Pepsico Inc., IBM and Cushman & Wakefield Inc. in NYC. Still playing basketball, although the legs are not what they use to be. Starting to take up golf. Continue to stay in touch with Myles Dotto, Reesa Dollinger, Karen Bock, Jane Harrison and of course Joey Falcone. (Last update 3/1/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Shannon, Robert

Shapiro, Adrienne
I married Robert Royes from W.Orange. We spent 20 years traveling around as a Coast Guard family, had three sons and now have eight grandchildren (so far). Robert and I divorced after 26 years, and I’ve spent the last 12 years with my Rick, lovingly referred to as my Spouse Equivalent. I am an LPN with a newly acquired (2006) BS in Healthcare Administration. My current position is as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the Pharmaceutical Industry. During my marriage I served on many community service projects for the Coast Guard, and was even elected National President of the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer’s Auxiliary. (Updated 4/2/07)

Shapiro, Brenda

Shapiro, Carol

Shaw, Maureen
Living in Austin, TX for 25 years with my husband (Dave) of 33 years. Have two sons, one 28, grad from University of Texas and the other is 21 and attending Texas State University. I work in the counseling department at a high school and love being with all those high school kids. Figure it keeps me young or at least young thinking! My husband has a sign business in town and we both look forward to retiring on our mini ranch in the country. (Last update 3/21/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Sherman, Alice

Sherman, Richard
Working as a senior accountant. (Last update 4/23/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Shima, Richard
After high school, went to Rutgers and the same month I graduated I got married to the girl I met as a college freshman. Got my MS in real estate investments from U. of Wisconsin (Madison). Worked in the financial industry in NYC until 1990, when I couldn’t take the rat race anymore and went to Florida to start my own consulting business. Wound up applying for a position with an old JP Morgan client, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and accepted their offer. Have been with them and living in Abu Dhabi since 1996. My first marriage painfully unravelled over the years, and what I mistook for love in my youth turned to hatred during a divorce proceeding that spanned 1986 – 1991 (no kidding!). The only good things to come out of that sorrowful union were my twin sons (now 30) and daughter (now 24). But along the way I met the woman of my dreams, Carol. It was truly “love at first sight.” We married as soon as my divorce was finalized and over the years had two boys (now almost 18 and 15) and a daughter (16). We had a great life going until Carol past away suddenly, with no symptoms or warning whatsoever, on 3/3/05, at 43 years of age. Brain aneurism. I kissed her good-bye that Thursday morning as I left for work, never to see her alive again. Yes, indeed, God works in mysterious ways… I went to our 20th reunion with Carol and swore I would never go back — mostly because none of my buddies had shown up and everyone (except me, of course) looked frigteningly old! Ha! But nostalgia is settling in and I want to visit and compare life’s notes. So, I guess I’ll see ya. (Last update 4/1/08) 40th Reunion attendee..

Siegel, Barbara

Siegel, Daniel


Silverman (Sills), Lawrence

Silverstein Pistilli, Ilene
I have resided in Freehold Township for 25 years and have raised my family consisting of three boys. My oldest is married and I am now a grandmother of an adorable xix-month-old boy. (I was hoping pink, but considering I have been involved with every imaginable sport I guess I’ve got alittle bit of a head start.) I have been remarried to a wonderful man for over 20 years and the realization that my 40th high school reunion is a reality is pretty daunting. A few months ago I was nostalgic and actually dragged my husband back to Livingston to see my old home and the changes in town so it was somewhat amazing when I received the call. I enjoy being involved in real estate and love to play tennis, read, garden, and watch my favorite TV shows which include “24” and movies. Life is good (I am still able to get up and down the stairs), however I can never find my reading glasses even though I stockpile pairs and leave them in every room! (Last update 2/7/08)

Simbrat, Donald


Simon, Malvina

Sisco, Mark
I’ve been a part time freelance writer for the Maine Antique Digest for the past 32 years. Always been involved with antiques one way or another. My life history in a nutshell: Since graduating college – landscaper, lumberjack, engineering salesman, environmental chemist, professional musician and music teacher, carpenter and contractor, freelance writer, photographer, insurance salesman, mortgage broker, network marketer, antiques and art dealer, antique and auction broker…and a PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE. Dang! Just couldn’t seem to hold a job! Had a big success in marketing, then invested a pile in an internet company and a satellite TV installation business that both went bust. Now involved with ITV Ventures, an infomercial company, and still brokering antiques and art. First wife deceased long time ago. Second wife hanging in there, 24 years and counting. Two kids, one heading to Brazil next week, the other about to produce first grandchild. Dog deceased, cat deceased, fish mostly dead but some hanging in. Mice in the walls doing fine. Chickens producing four eggs a day. (Last updated 11/14/07)


Sklar, Charles

Smith, Randall
After graduation, went to school for business in Wilmington, DE. which really prepared me for the construction business. (Yeah right!) I have lived in Colorado since 1973 (I am a westerner at heart) where I met and married my wife Gail in 1998. She has been an educator for 30 years and is my saving grace. I was in the flyfishing industry in every phase possible for over 20 years and now have my own business designing and selling art lamps. I’m an avid cyclist, backcountry flyfisher, and Gail and I enjoy doing musical theatre together. Life is just too short! (Last update 9/9/08) 40th Reunion attendee.


Snyder, James
After graduating with Bill Todd and Ralph Jones from U. of Rhode Island, I stayed in the Narragansett Bay area for a time, enjoying sailing, collecting my thoughts and ultimately working as a software engineer for Honeywell and Wang. Today I continue to face my biggest challenge, having suffered a serious closed head injury accident in the early 90s. My quality of life has changed, but having to look at the world from a different perspective, I continue to grow in directions I never would have thought possible. Bill Todd, Jimmer Glynn, and recently G. J. Semler have stopped by to visit me in Cape Cod where I live in a home for victims of closed head injuries. My parents and sister are nearby and have been my foundation to help me grow from my challenge. Seeing my old classmates allows me to step back and value our special time growing up in Livingston. I hope to see you all in 2008. God bless you all. (Last update 7/3/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Sobel, David
40th Reunion attendee.


Sobo, Phyllis
I’ve lived in center city Philadelphia for 35 years and love urban living. Considering that I grew up in Livingston, I’ve often wondered how and why I became such a city person. My husband (of 25 years) and I are blessed with two daughters, Rebecca, 21 (a junior at Northeastern U. in Boston), and Rachel, 17. After graduating from Penn (BA, MS, Ed.D.), I worked for 15 years in the field of management and organizational development but now spend most of my time serving on non-profit boards and volunteering for community organizations. Hard to believe we’re not empty nesters yet (it’s amazing to read about all the grandparents among our classmates). Looking forward to re-connecting with LHS’ers at the reunion; Scott Kendler fills me in on what he knows every five years at our Penn Reunion. I’m shocked and saddened to hear about all the classmates we’ve lost – my condolences to their families! (Last update 11/11/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Sommer, Diane
Have lived in New Hampshire since 1968 except for 2-1/2 years outside of Orlando. Was married for 30 years and have four children (37, 34, 22, 18). My youngest will be off to college in the fall – huge empty nest to follow! Have been in education field for 30 years – long-time English teacher and now a guidance counselor – all with middle school kids. Enjoy summers sailing and sitting on the beach reading. My yellow lab and I attend agility classes, take long walks, and swim in the lake. She likes to sail also! I have an amazing seven-year-old granddaughter who lives nearby. My job is to spoil her – a role I cherish. I volunteer at our local humane society, usually taking some of my students with me each week. My youngest son and I took a road trip a few summers ago and traveled near and far, spending some time showing him around Livingston. Couldn’t help checking out the football field (he has played football all throughout high school and thought the astro turf was awesome!) and telling him stories of those days of being a majorette. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, good friends, and relatively good health. Not sure if I will attend the reunion, but it would be wonderful to see old friends from Burnett Hill, Heritage Jr. High and LHS. Many great memories. (Last update 3/4/08)


Soperstein Vigatov, Jay

Spiegel Brody, Simone
40th Reunion attendee.


Stark, Kenneth

Stempler Bukowsky, Wendy
i’m a social worker (34 years) and married 33 years to my best friend, Allen. We have two sons. Michael is a phys ed teacher. just got his Masters and is getting married July 2008. Brian manages a printing shop and loves the business. we keep busy socializing with friends and family, exercising, theater and travel. Great life! (Last update 5/11/07).

Stenstrom, Christine

Stern, Caren
40th Reunion attendee.

Stevens, Edward

Stolz, Richard
After graduating from Hobart, I married Kathy Monk (LHS ’69) in 1973. Still married, still in love, still best friends. We have three great kids. Christian 30, who works for an NGO passing out US tax dollars that come from an agency we can’t speak about in places we can’t spell, Allison 27, who’s an oceanographer at NOAA, and Grant 24 is in the Navy. Kathy went back for a Masters and became an ordained minister in 1990. I saved her career by always being out of church on Sundays taking our boys to their hockey games and tournaments, anywhere from Virginia to Toronto. I spent 34 years in the transportation industry, doing everything from low-tech trucking management to high-tech optimization software. I’m now semi-retired and about to make my avocation my vocation – photography. It’s my “well-past-mid-life crisis”. I missed the last reunion due to multiple broken bones from an accident on my Harley – that was my “mid-life crisis”. We now reside in Fountain Hills. (Last update 11/6/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Strauch, Gary
40th Reunion attendee.

Streitfield Hoffman, Carol (
Being semi-retired gives me more time to sing (check out Ranot Ensemble on YouTube) , do yoga, swim, read, travel  and play with the grandchildren. Helping to found a kibbutz was as challenging as raising a family, after 43 years I’m quite happy that we are passing the reins to younger members. Most importantly Yoram and I enjoy good health that allows us to be active. And we have beautiful sunsets every day over the Edom Mountains!  (Last update 9/10/17)

Stykitus Zapf, Marianne

Sullivan, Harry

Surdi Querques, Annette
Married 33 years to Frank Querques, LHS ’66, and mother to three daughters, Laurie 31, Christine 28, and Jennifer 26. Live in SF Bay Area and work in Fine Art sales at a San Francisco gallery. (Last update 3/27/07) 40th Reunion attendee.

Sutton Van Etten, Sarah

Swann, Richard

Swanson, Jean