Start your event with
a healthy dose of simplicity


I’m an ad man. Steve Jobs was my client for more than 12 years.

And if working with Steve can’t convince you that simplicity is the most powerful force in business, nothing will.

In the bluntest terms, Steve monetized the fact that every human being is born with a preference for simplicity. It was such a life-changing experience for me, I wrote a book about it. And then another.

My keynote presentation illuminates the ways Steve Jobs leveraged the power of simplicity—and demonstrates how any business can embrace the same principles.

It’s a mix of powerful concepts and eye-opening/fun stories about working in the world of Steve Jobs.

I’ve spoken in Europe, Asia and all three Americas. I’ve spoken at international conferences and corporate events for such companies as Ikea, Intel, Dell, Accenture, Nationwide Insurance, Deloitte, Tourism Australia, Humira, and many more. (See a more complete list at the bottom of this page.)

Given my experience, I can attest to the fact that simplicity really is a universal language. It’s something every business craves—but only a few truly deliver.

‘‘Highest-rated speaker in our 14-year history”

Blue Events, Prague

‘‘Totally captivated and energized our team”

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, London

‘‘Energizing inspiration and a wake-up call”

P&G, Panama City

Current speaking topics

Insanely Simple
I’m one fortunate ad guy to have had the opportunity to work with Steve Jobs for so many years. It was exciting, intense, scary, empowering and fun. Most important, it was a learning experience. I witnessed firsthand how the love of simplicity can create better products, loyal customers, motivates employees and colors virtually every business decision.

In this talk, I shine a light on the elements of simplicity that have driven the success of Apple and other companies who outthink their competitors. I’ve got plenty of fascinating behind-the-scenes stories to share, all of which support my thesis: Simplicity is the most powerful force in business—and it’s something that any person or company can put to work today.

Inside Apple Advertising
Apple has long been the gold standard for advertising creativity, quality and effectiveness. That’s because Steve Jobs was as uncompromising in his ads as he was in his products.

Here, I focus on some of Apple’s more famous advertising moments, taking the audience behind the scenes to understand the sometimes-crazy road from concept to air. I share stories about developing strategy, the creative process, and some fun stories from the production stage. If great marketing is your quest, it helps to hear how some great campaigns were born.

Working the Steve Jobs Way
Working with Steve was no easy task. Yes, he could be difficult and even brutal—but he was also one of the most effective business leaders in history, leading Apple from the brink of extinction to unimaginable success.

In this talk, I take a closer look at Steve’s management style, to illuminate the principles that anyone can adopt to motivate employees, make better products and streamline complicated companies.



Recent keynotes

Westpac Bank (Australia), Electronic Arts (USA), U.S. Treasury (Washington, DC), iStrategy (London, Sydney, Miami), BBVA (Madrid), TEDx NY, Dell, University of AZ, American Advertising Federation, Telenor (Copenhagen), Costa Coffee (London), P&G (Panama City), Nationwide Insurance, CIO Connect (London), ANZ Bank (Australia), University of Technology (Sydney), Humira (San Diego), Intel Corp., Design Day (Oslo), Fund Forum Asia (Hong Kong), Eurofinance (Dublin), Nordic Business Forum (Helsinki), World Strategy Forum (Seoul), Oracle (Bogota), Warner Home Entertainment (London), Bank of Melbourne (Australia), Super Return Asia (Hong Kong), Law Society of Scotland, Brazil’s Customer Festival (Sao Paulo), Lattelecom (Latvia), SparkLabs Conference (Seoul), StepStone (Berlin), NASSCOM (Mumbai), Super Content Marketing (Stockholm), Innovation & Disruption Conference (London), Performance Marketing Insights (Berlin), SLASSCOM (Sri Lanka), IKEA (Sweden), Deakin Business School (Melbourne), GeneXus (Uruguay), Colt Technology (Amsterdam), Marketing Trends (Paraguay), Expo Business (Colombia), Accenture (Chicago), Marketing Summit (Guatemala), GS1 (Mexico City), Management & Business Summit (Madrid), Dialog Conference (Sweden), Otsuka (Princeton NJ), Simon (Madrid), World Business Forum (/Bogota, Sydney, Milan), (Amsterdam), Brand Week (Istanbul), Delotte (New York), Tourism Australia (Sydney), Congress of Marketing (Uruguay), Mexican Insurance Association (Mexico City), CMO Japan (Tokyo), Entrepreneurs Week (Mexico City), BOLD Conference (Lithuania), Metro (Istanbul), Innovations Kongress (Austria).