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Jun 13

The joy of Apple-bashing

Taking shots at Apple isn’t exactly a new sport. It’s been popular since the dawn of Macintosh.

Back in those days, PCs owned the business market. And here was Apple crashing the party with that silly graphical interface and mouse. Many in the establishment resisted, and they resented the way Apple attacked.

Never mind that Apple had been so loved for popularizing the desktop computer in the first place, or that PCs would so quickly embrace the graphical philosophy. The battle lines were drawn. For many, Apple would forever be the outsider who didn’t deserve attention or success.

Even Apple’s multiple revolutions wouldn’t change that attitude. iPod, iPhone, iPad, iWhatever. For those who disdain Apple, its success has always been easy to explain:

It’s not about innovation or design. Apple takes its ideas from other companies. It succeeds through marketing hype. It’s all flash, little substance and hardly worth the price.

The detractors had to adapt when Apple became the most valuable technology company on earth. Fortunately, success makes a company even easier to loathe. Continue reading →