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Aug 12

Where do bad ads come from?

In the wake of Apple’s now-retracted Genius commercials, I received quite a few emails asking:

“How could that even happen?”

Good question. However, a much bigger question is, why does any company end up with a bad ad? Turn on the TV any given night and you’re sure to see an impressive display of world-class clunkers.

Where does all the badness come from?

Though mediocre creative people do exist, more often the problem is mediocre clients. The marketing directors at many companies (1) don’t have terrific advertising taste, (2) don’t appreciate the power of creativity, or (3) are unwilling to stand up to their superiors. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Apple ads: a disturbance in the force

“Everyone’s a critic,” goes the old expression. Apple certainly found that out when they chose to debut their new Mac ads on the Olympics.

Thousands of journalists, bloggers and commenters couldn’t resist the lure. That’s because whether you liked the ads or not, they were clearly a departure for Apple.

Personally, I got a ton of comments and emails on this topic. Plus, I happened to be on the road last week and got an earful in real-time — and I wasn’t the guy who kept bringing it up.

In San Francisco, I met with Forbes technology blogger Connie Guglielmo. (She has some great coverage of the Apple-Samsung trial, by the way.) What made her head spin was the fact that Apple has been telling people for decades that its products are easier to use than those of its competitors, and here they are saying that ordinary people need help. Continue reading →