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Aug 13

Larry Ellison gets Steve Jobs wrong — twice

Larry Ellison loves Steve Jobs. They hung out together. They were best friends.

Hell, when Steve was in exile, Larry even offered to use his money to buy Apple so Steve could return as CEO. (See the Steve Jobs biography.)

On top of that, Larry knows a thing or two about the technology business and what it takes to run a company.

However, like everyone else on this planet, Larry is capable of being exquisitely wrong — even when he talks about his great friend.

Here are two examples, starting with his most recent:

1. We all know what will happen to Apple without Steve Jobs.

In the Charlie Rose interview above, Ellison makes a very matter-of-fact statement about Apple’s future without Jobs’ leadership.

Basically, he says that we’ve already seen how bad Apple was without Steve and how amazing it was with him. Therefore, it’s obvious what’s bound to happen next.

Unfortunately, one can’t compare the Apple of 1985 to the Apple of today. Continue reading →