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Nov 15

Bidding adieu to Steve Jobs, the movie

Uh oh. Two weeks into its general release, Universal’s Steve Jobs movie has faded fast.

In what might be the ultimate insult, it has only barely outperformed the Ashton Kutcher Jobs movie.

Quite an unexpected end for a movie that had everything going for it: writing, acting, directing, marketing budget and lots of great reviews in the mainstream media.

Where did things go wrong?

Well, as much as we admire Steve Jobs, his vision and his accomplishments, there is such a thing as a Steve Jobs overdose. Continue reading →

Jul 15

Revving up for the next Steve Jobs movie

Thank you, Aaron Sorkin.

The official trailer for the new Steve Jobs movie (release date: October 9) is out, and I have to say: it looks pretty rich.

We mustn’t get carried away — it’s only a trailer, after all — but the movie sure looks like it lives up to the Sorkin standard.

Personally, I can’t imagine a more difficult screenwriting task. How does one take such a complicated, important life and distill it into 90 minutes’ worth of dialog and images?

Sorkin’s job was to pick the moments that tell a story as they reveal the nature of the man. And historical accuracy isn’t exactly the highest priority — creating a great movie experience is.

I can already hear the knee-jerk reactions: “But Fassbender doesn’t look anything like Steve Jobs!”

Correct. And I, for one, am relieved by that. Continue reading →

Aug 13

Steve Jobs as entertainment

Steve Jobs has been many things to many people.

But until I made it to the theater yesterday to see “Jobs,” I never really thought of him as entertainment.

I actually mean this in a positive way. Unless we’re talking about documentaries playing in art houses, movies aren’t expected to lay out the facts. They’re designed to keep us amused or engrossed for a couple of hours.

For me, this one did that.

Admittedly, I took my seat with a few biases and preconceptions — some of which hit me when the project was first announced. Lightweight actor. Director with short resume. Screenwriter with no resume. An absurd title (originally called “jOBS). And a horribly written website to boot. It all seemed amateurish, being rushed into production upon Steve’s death.

Several months ago, I got an early opinion from a former Apple executive who’d been invited to an advance screening. He was surprised that Ashton had done such a good job, even though he felt that the screenplay made Steve too one-dimensional. He pronounced the movie “fun and entertaining.” Continue reading →

May 12

Steve Jobs, The Movie(s)

Apparently, there are two ways to make a Steve Jobs movie.

You can do a low-budget indie film using director Joshua Michael Stern (who?) and first-time screenwriter Matt Whitely, and give it an appropriately cheesy name like Steve Jobs: Get Inspired.

Or you can pay Isaacson a million bucks for the rights to his book, and prepare to pay far bigger bucks for everything that follows. Which is what Sony Pictures has done, bless their little hearts.

Honestly, I’ve been surprised that no major studio has tried to make a movie about Steve before. Maybe that’s because there wasn’t a good book to base it on, like The Social Network was based on The Accidental Billionaires. Continue reading →