Start your event with a healthy dose of simplicity

Insanely Simple isn’t just a book. I also take my act on the road as a speaker.

The idea is simple: once your organization understands how simplicity has guided Apple’s success, there’s no limit to how far you can go.

I deliver that understanding with a mix of Apple insights and interesting stories about working with Steve Jobs.

“Highest-rated speaker in our 14-year history”

— Blue Events, Prague, Czech Republic

“Most talked-about speaker at our event”

— CMO Summit, Brisbane, Australia

“Energizing inspiration and a wake-up call.”

— P&G, Panama City, Panama

“Totally captivated and energized our team”

— Warner Bros, London, U.K.

Simplicity: the most powerful force in business.

To most people, it’s obvious why Apple has become a global phenomenon: it makes amazing things amazingly simple.

What’s less obvious is the reason why Apple is so good at it. Thanks to Steve Jobs’ obsession, simplicity is the guideline for everything it does: innovating, organizing, selling and communicating.

The principles of simplicity can be embraced by anyone, and can be used to achieve extraordinary success.

Simplicity is always in fashion.

Business trends come and go, but simplicity is forever. The preference for simplicity is built into our DNA, and that’s not likely to change for a few billion years.

Organizations that understand this can turn simplicity into a competitive advantage. Because it’s just a fact of life: given the choice, human beings will always choose the simpler path.

Inside the organization, simplicity saves time and money, creates better work and raises morale. Not bad for a concept that doesn’t cost a penny.

A story with universal appeal.

Apple has revolutionized so many categories, its story is fascinating to people across all industries. I’ve yet to meet an audience that isn’t both enlightened and entertained by insights into the way it works.

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