Think different, Take 2

Now that my website has been redesigned into the 21st century, I thought it would be fun to start off with a little cross-century creativity.

Back in 1997, when¬†Steve Jobs introduced the Think different campaign at an internal Apple marketing meeting, he noted that people we honored in the¬†campaign didn’t actually use Apple technology, and then quipped, “but they would have.”

Cue Michael Rylander, designer/art director who was part of the agency Apple creative team back in those days. Steve’s words inspired him to let some of those great people reach into the future to get their hands on some iconic Apple products. Time travel courtesy of Photoshop, of course.

Maybe Steve was right. Amazing how comfortable and content these people look with the technology they’d never see. Scroll down to see the whole collection of six portraits.

Not sure where he finds the time to do this stuff, but Michael has also become popular for his ongoing series of imagined books on Instagram. Basically, he creates amazing covers and physical designs for books that don’t exist, but should. Hard to describe, but easy to enjoy. See them here.